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Ethiopia hails progress in ties with China

Via: CGTN Africa

The Ethiopian government has hailed the Ethiopia-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership as the two countries embark on a series of activities to mark the 50th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations. “The diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and China have been growing ever since the two countries established official diplomatic ties back in the 1970s,” the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement issued over the weekend. It added that the Ethiopia-China ties have over the years strengthened across various sectors, mainly following the decision among the two countries’ governments to elevate bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership back in 2017.

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Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan resume talks over disputed Nile dam

Via: Aljazeera

The irrigation ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have met in Cairo for a new round of talks aimed at resolving a dispute over a multibillion-dollar dam being built by the Ethiopian government. The two-day meeting, which got under way on Monday in the Egyptian capital, comes almost a month after the three sides agreed to work towards resolving the issue at a US-brokered meeting in Washington, DC. Addis Ababa contends the project, dubbed the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), is crucial to its economic development and, at its peak, will generate more than 6,000 megawatts of electricity.

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African countries are building a “green wall” to combate climate change in the Sahel-Sahara region

Via: The African Exponent

The Great Green Wall of Africa, a plan endorsed by the African Union, is a determined effort to plant a stretch of trees across the continent, covering the whole Sahel-Saharan region from Senegal (West Africa) to Ethiopia (East Africa). This pioneering green movement is aimed at covering 8,000 km with natural wonder covering the entire width of Africa. It is currently 15% underway. The overall mission is to bring life back to Africa’s massively degraded landscapes. So far, the project has received $4 billion and encompasses concerted effort from 21 African countries.

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