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South Africa’s ANC wins re-election with reduced majority

Via: Phill Magakoe/AFP

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has won South Africa’s parliamentary elections with 57.5 percent of the vote, the electoral commission said, announcing the official results. Saturday’s win assured a sixth straight term in power for the ANC. But the result was the worst-ever electoral showing for the party, which has ruled South Africa since the end of apartheid 25 years ago.

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South Africa elections to be hold in 8th May

Via: Getty Images

27th April marks the 25th anniversary of the Freedom Day in South Africa, when the apartheid was put to an end and the country held its first democratic election. Since 1994 three presidents were elected by the African National Congress: Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma. Next month, 8th May, the south africans are going to decide whether Cyril Ramaphosa will stay in office for the next years. The election is not direct and the opposition, represented by the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance expect to increase they presence in the Parliament.

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Eleições na República Democrática do Congo: perfil dos principais candidatos

Via Aljazeera

No próximo domingo (23/12), 40 milhões de eleitores vão às urnas na República Democrática do Congo (RDC) para escolher o próximo presidente da República. Dentre os 19 candidatos que disputam a corrida presidencial, se destacam: Emmanuel Shadary (ex-governador da província de Maniema, ministro do Interior do atual governo e membro do Partido do Povo para Reconstrução e Democracia – PPRD), Vital Kamerhe (ex-presidente do parlamento e líder do partido de oposição União para a Nação Congolesa/ UNC) e Félix Tshisekedi (líder do partido de oposição União para a Democracia e o Progresso Social/ UDPS). Conheça o perfil dos principais candidatos à presidência aqui.