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Moroccan king pardons thousands, including ‘Hirak’ protesters

Via: Africanews

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI marked 20 years on the throne by pardoning thousands of prisoners, including some from the “Hirak” protest movement that rocked the country in 2016. On the eve of the royal anniversary on Tuesday, an official statement announced that 4,764 people were pardoned, including some arrested during the months of protests in the long-marginalised northern Rif region.

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Morocco cuts ties with Iran

Via CGTN Africa

Citing Tehran’s support to separatists in Western Sahara, Morocco announced on Tuesday to sever ties with Iran, only a few years after normalizing their diplomatic relationship. In a statement to the press, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita said his country will expel the Iranian ambassador to Morocco and close its embassy in Tehran over Iran’s backing of Western Sahara’s separatist movement the Polisario Front. The Moroccan foreign minister said his country has “strong evidence” of Iran’s involvement through its Lebanese ally Hezbollah in supporting the Polisario Front militarily and through training of its members to undermine Morocco’s security and stability. Bourita said he officially presented the evidence to his Iranian counterpart earlier in Tehran, which included documentation of arms delivery to the rebel group.
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