CEBRAFRICA’s research areas deal with the diplomatic, economic and security relations between african countries and between the continent and the South-South axis of the modern World System.

State, Politics and Society in Africa

Congregates studies that aim to discuss the state as the conflicting and contradictory center of the exercise of political power, as well as to debate its the many categories, research questions and policies. The researches, in this line, will tend to privilege the reality of the African social formations, developing, as well, comparative views with other Third World countries.

South-South Cooperation and the African Continent

Historical revision of the relations between the African states, the great colonial powers and the superpowers, emphasizing the role of the first in obtaining resources and building a basic collective consensus, as well as the influence of superpowers upon the development of African state’s national projects. Comparative and interpretative analysis of the relations between African states and new players of the South-South cooperation and the possibilities of international insertion in the post-Cold War era.

Development, Security & Regional Integration

Analysis of the geopolitical and economical transformations in the post-Cold War era, the emergence of regional African powers and integration processes with its political logic and the possibility of the formation of a pan-african zone. Analysis of Africa’s role as a new area in the global strategic dispute due to the energetic crisis and the natural resources and the new relevance acquired by the South Atlantic e Indian Ocean zones. Study of the atlantic zone as a strategic axis for the relations between Brazil and Africa and as a development hotspot.

Foreign Policy of the African States

Analysis of the process through wich African National States are built and the formulation and implementation of their foreign policy. Analytical description of the interafrican relations, its common goals and internal rivalries, successes and failures in the construction of a continental system. Analysis of the relations between African states and the western powers together with new players in South-South relations.