Books on african themes, written and edited by CEBRAFRICA’s researchers.

Western Africa: Crisis vs. Political Stability

África Occidental: Crisis vs. Estabilidad Política

Yoslán Silverio González | Publisher: Palmarinca, 2018

In this book, the author proposes an analysis of the main political crises and armed conflicts that occurred in Western Africa between 2010 and 2017. In addition to the historical approach that allows a specific understanding of each of the cases studied, the text presents a theoretical debate to address the problematic African policies. Also, the destabilizing factors present in the most varied types of conflicts, as well as security related issues are analyzed in this work.

Foreign Policy in Southern Africa: War, State-Building and Regional Order

Política Externa na África Austral: Guerra, Construção do Estado e Ordem Regional

Igor Castellano da Silva | Publisher: Século XXI, 2017

Based on field research, the book develops a well-grounded analysis of the foreign policy of southern African countries, arguing that they are not “peaceful poles” in international relations, as is often suggested, but rather active actors, developing an inter-African international system, influenced by state-building dynamics and regional order structures.

The Large Brazil and the Small PALOPS

O Grande Brasil e os Pequenos PALOP

Kamilla Raquel Rizzi | Publisher: Século XXI, 2014

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThe book consists of a PhD thesis in Political Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. It has the objective of analysing, during the period comprised between 1974 and 2010, the political, economic, cultural and cooperative contents of Brazil’s foreign policy in three African countries whose official language is Portuguese: Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Africa and the Rising Powers

A África e as Potências Emergentes

Paulo Fagundes Visentini & CEBRAFRICA’s Team | Publisher: Século XXI, 2013

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThis work analyses the acting and the interests of rising powers like China, Brazil and India, as well as Russia, Cuba, Turkey, Iran and Gulf’s Arab nations in African continent. This new form of interaction has its basis in global politics alterations that legitimize South-South Cooperation and the construction of a multipolar system, which advances together with the periphery’s development.

Congo, the African World War: Armed Conflicts, State Building and Peace Alternatives

Congo, a Guerra Mundial Africana: Conflitos Armados, Construção do Estado e Alternativas para a Paz

Igor Castellano da Silva | Publisher: Século XXI, 2012

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThe author questions the reasons of the continuity of armed conflicts in Congo, an African country that experienced two civil wars, the last one known as “African World War”. Given the political, economic and social consequences to the nation, the author proposes intriguing answers to this problematic, related to the African States’ construction.

African Countries: Diversity of a Continent

Os Países Africanos: Diversidade de um Continente

Paulo Fagundes Visentini & CEBRAFRICA’s Team | Publisher: Século XXI, 2012


This book rescues the enormous diversity of the African continent. To do so, it analyses the 54 countries that compose Africa from four main topics: Geography and Population, History, Politics/Diplomacy and Economy.

South Africa : The Transnational Activism Network Against Apartheid

África do Sul: A rede de Ativismo Transnacional contra o Apartheid

Paulo de Rezende Saturnino Braga | Publisher: FUNAG, 2011

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThe book recovers the history of South Africa’s segregationist regime called apartheid. Afterward, it highlights the main transnational actors who have turned against the racist regime, making it possible a greater clarity on the roles exercised by certain states and international organizations. Download

South Africa: History, State and Society

África do Sul: História, Estado e Sociedade

Paulo Fagundes Visentini e Analúcia Danilevicz Pereira | Publisher: FUNAG, 2011

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThe book analyses the contradictions and potentials of South Africa, the African nation that celebrated, in 2010, its first century of independence. South African’s contrasts between modernity, prosperity and poverty archaism, as well as its economic and natural strength, bring to the country a new development cycle, as the same time it happens to the rest of Africa. Download

Brazil and South Africa: the Atlantic Arc of Brazilian Foreign Policy (1918-2000)

O Brasil e a África do Sul: o Arco Atlântico da Política Externa Brasileira (1918-2000)

Pio Pena Filho | Publisher: FUNAG, 2008

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThis book was written having as a base a doctorate thesis defended at the University of Brasilia (UnB). Drawing on extensive primary and bibliographic documents, as well as interviews, it seeks to clarify  Brazil and South Africa relations’  history, since it is one of the most controversial and hidden relations of Brazilian foreign policy. Download

South Africa and IBSA : Human Security

A África do Sul e o IBAS: Segurança Humana

Francis Kornegay e Jabulani Dada | Publisher: FUNAG, 2007


The book brings together the materials of texts and transcripts of a seminar that happened in South Africa in June 2006. The event, promoted by Centre for Policy Studies in Johannesburg, approaches “Dialogue Forum (India, Brazil, South Africa) – IBSA and Human Security”, within a South African perspective. Download

A Brief History of Africa

Breve História da África

Paulo Fagundes Visentini, Luiz Dario Ribeiro and Analúcia Danilevicz Pereira | Publisher: Século XXI, 2007

Livro_Africa-e-as-PotenciasThe work pursuits to present Africa’s history in an accessible way, by building a wide vision of the continent’s formation and the civilizations there constituted. Therefore, it describes Africa from its geology and environment to the way globalization has impacted the African development as well the relations established between the African nations and Brazil.