The statute is in Portuguese (see the Brazilian Portuguese version of this site for more details) and provides regulations about the objectives, the organization, and the operation of the Center.

Briefly, in relation to the objectives, the main objective of CINTED is to lead interdisciplinary studies and researches to support activities to implement alternative technologies in educational programs and projects, in person or at distance, as well as to host postgraduate course and develop extension activities.

In terms of organization, it is composed of the following academic unities: Faculty of Education, the Institute of Informatics, the Institute of Mathematics, the School of Engineering, the Faculty of Library and Communication, the Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Arts.

CINTED has a Superior Council, which is a collegiate body to provide guidance and direction, whose purpose is to establish policies and general guidelines. The Council is composed of the Directors of the academic units that form CINTED and the Director of the Center. The direction of the Center is conducted by the Director and the Vice-Director, electeds each two years. It is also composed of a Technical-Administrative Council, which is formed by the Director, the Vice-Director, Coordinators of Postgraduate Courses at the Center, and by representatives of professors, students, and the technical staff.