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The request should only be sent electronically, through SEI

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It is the change in the level of training, in the same position and level of classification, resulting from the professional training carried out after admission, compatible with the position held, the organizational environment and the minimum workload required, respecting the interstitium of 18 (eighteen) months , pursuant to the table in Annex III of Law 11.091 / 2005.


- Technical-administrative server active staff of UFRGS;

- have completed the 18-month interstice;

- Have the necessary workload for this progression, as shown in the table below.


- Training progress request form - courses (signed by the Applicant and Immediate Head) and / or

- Training progress request form - Master / Doctorate courses (signed by the Applicant and Immediate Head);

- Certificate - including hours, period of completion in the format dd / mm / yy and program content (if using an external course).

Note: the certificate of the courses promoted by EDUFRGS will be issued at the time of progression, being attached to the process by DAOC.

To authenticate documents in SEI

  1. If the certificate is digital born, authentication is not required.
  2. If the certificate is scanned, use the SEI's own function for this certification:


How do I open the file and to whom should I send it?

The process must be opened, via SEI, at the Unit and later forwarded to DAOC (Division of Analysis and Guidance on Career Development). The tutorial below can help if you have any questions.

Tutorial for SEI Progress Request - pdf

Após o cumprimento do interstício, qual a data que será da minha progressão?

The date of the functional progression will be date of application signature at SEI, provided that this date is equal to or after the completion of the courses presented for Progression and that the interstitial period (18 months) has been completed. It is advisable to open the process a few days before completing the interstice, if you have already completed the workload.

Can I use the courses and / or disciplines taken before I joined UFRGS?

No. The date of completion of courses and / or disciplines must be after the date of entry of the server.

Can I use the undergraduate courses for progression?

No. Only isolated Master's or Doctorate courses.

Can the servant of any position request the use of disciplines?

No. Only level E employees can request progression for training by Master's or Doctorate courses. In this case, they must attach: syllabus contents of the disciplines and documents that inform the period of completion of the disciplines.

What is the minimum workload for certificates?

Certificates must have a minimum workload of 20 hours.

Is it possible to add hours of external and internal courses (Edufrgs)?

As a result of Law No. 12,772, of 12/28/2012, it is possible to add up the number of hours of courses taken by the server, as of 03/01/2005. External courses can be used in conjunction with the UFRGS Comprehensive Server Training courses, as long as the workload of each of them is not less than 20 (twenty) class hours.

Can I use Edufrgs courses with less than 20 hours to progress?

Yes, but the server will only be able to take advantage of Edufrgs courses when they compose a single certificate of Integral Training of UFRGS Servers. 20 (twenty) class hours.

How do I check the courses I have already taken at Edufrgs?

The training actions report carried out within the scope of the UFRGS Comprehensive Server Training can be viewed on the Server Portal> Service Catalog> Personal Information> Training.

What are the criteria for using external course certificates?

External course certificates must meet the following criteria for training progression purposes:

  • registration number in the national legal entity register (CNPJ) of the institution promoting the course;
  • start and end date of training in day / month / year format;
  • total course load;
  • programmatic content in Portuguese or accompanied by a translation provided by the promoting institution or translated by the server itself, provided that the declaration of aptitude for translation is attached;
  • compatibility of the knowledge area of the course with the server's organizational environment (according to Portaria MEC nº 09, of 6/29/2006).

How do I know which external courses are compatible for my progression?

DAOC will verify the compatibility of the area of training actions with the position and the organizational environment for the purposes of functional progression through training, according to Ordinance 09/2006 of MEC.

According to Paragraph 4 of Art. 41 of Law 12.772: “the sum of hours of courses taken by the server is allowed during the permanence in the level of training in which he finds himself and the hourly load that exceeded the requirement for progression in the interstitium of the level previous, the use of courses with a workload of less than 20 class hours is prohibited ”. Therefore, to request progression, it is advisable to use the oldest courses chronologically.




Considering that the process is well informed, the estimated period between the receipt of the same and the issue of the opinion is 30 days.


Analysis and Career Development Guidance Division (DAOC) - PROGESP

Extensions: 3015, 3914, 3219


For questions about the use and functionality of the Electronic Information System (SEI), consult the SEI-UFRGS user manual, available in, or contact the General Protocol - DGP, extensions 3088 or 4754, and e-mail:

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