Special Schedule for Student Server

The request should only be sent electronically, through SEI

(ELECTRONIC INFORMATION SYSTEM), with access through the link https://sei.ufrgs.br/sei/.


The Special Schedule for Student Servers is intended for technical-administrative employees who are regularly enrolled in a formal education course at a Teaching Institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, provided that the incompatibility between the school timetable and that of the Unit / Body is proven, without prejudice to the exercise. of the position, being required the compensation of hours in the office, respecting the weekly duration of the work.



Be a student of a formal education course (Elementary School, High School, Technical Education, Graduation, Specialization, Master or Doctorate);

- Course in an educational institution recognized by MEC;

- Prove the incompatibility between school hours and the place of exercise by means of a registration certificate issued by the educational institution;

Present a workload compensation plan at your place of exercise, compatible with the hours of operation;

- In case of renewal, attach proof of attendance of academic activities carried out in the previous period;

- Do not have a management position or a paid function, nor be substituted.



Tutorial para Solicitacao de Horario Especial no SEI

- Hourly Student Server Application Form, available at CES (signed by the Applicant, Immediate Head and Unit Director);
- Certified copy of the proof of registration of the formal education course issued by the educational institution;
- Certified voucher issued by the educational institution informing the days of the week, the start and end times of the subjects and the duration of the semester;
- Workload compensation plan to be informed in grades 1 and 2 of the Application Form, according to the hours of operation of your place of exercise;

- Proof of attendance of the previous semester, for the renewal of the timetable.

To authenticate documents in SEI

  1. 1. If the certificate is digital born, authentication is not required.
  2. 2. If the certificate is scanned, use the SEI's own function for this certification: https://www.ufrgs.br/conecte-se/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/tutorial-AUTENTICAR-DOCUMENTOS-DIGITALIZADOS.pdf



Who is responsible for granting Special Hours for student servers?

The Division of Analysis and Guidance on Career Development at EDUFRGS / PROGESP will analyze the requests regarding the instruction of the process, formal education, the officiality of the Teaching Institutions and the working hours proposed by the server.


What is the period for granting special hours for student servers?

The period for granting special hours for student servants will count from the beginning of classes or from the date of signing the application, when it is later than the starting date of school activities.


Can I include any missing documentation after opening the file?

Yes, after analyzing the DAOC, additional documentation may be requested via the process.


Can I request the special schedule for non-curricular internship?

No. Non-curricular internships, paid activities, such as scholarships of any kind, and participation in research groups unrelated to the course, are not eligible for special hours for student employees.

Can I request special hours to take courses in the special enrollment condition?

It is also not possible to grant special hours for student servants to employees who are taking isolated courses, under the condition of special enrollment, according to Opinion No. 20/2018 / DAJ / COLEP / CGGP / SAA, issued by the Ministry of Education (MEC), on 01/16/2018. According to the opinion, these subjects are not formal education and are equivalent to training events.

For these cases, of civil servants who wish to take isolated disciplines, it is possible that the immediate supervisor may be asked to pay hours at the electronic point for training purposes, provided that the following conditions are met: approval by the immediate supervisor, the discipline must be related to the work developed at UFRGS, the server must attach the frequency and, when completing the course, the proof or certificate of completion.

Can a server with a bonus function request special hours?

The servant invested in a management position or a paid function that demands the fulfillment of his workday at a special time, should be exonerated from the respective commissioned position, considering that he is under full dedication to the service.

I finished the course, do I need to apply for a new Qualification Incentive process?

Yes. The granting of special hours to the student server does not guarantee the direct relationship of the completed course with the server's organizational environment for purposes of the percentage of incentive to qualification.

How is my student server schedule for school holidays?

During the school vacation period, the server returns to fulfilling his usual workday, re-registering the workload at the electronic point, and must request the renewal of the special schedule according to the academic calendar of the course or program.

Can I use the same process to renew my special schedule?

Regardless of the course you are attending and the frequency of enrollment, renewal must be requested in the same process.

In addition to the presentation of the same documents required in the first concession, proof of attendance for the previous semester will be required for renewal.

How registration is done of the workday?

The attendance control of the student server will be done by recording the entry and exit times on the point sheet, while the period granted in the opinion of granting the special time for student server is in force. (Decree nº 1867, of 4/17/1996)

Those responsible for certifying the frequency of the Units or the immediate management must digitally scan the time sheets on a monthly basis in order to insert them into the Electronic Time System (in the item: “Management functions - Time sheet load”).





Considering that the process is well informed, the estimated period between the receipt of the same and the issue of the opinion is 30 days.



Step Sector Procedure
1 SOURCE Submit form and required documentation via SEI
2 DAOC Analyze the formality of the course and the institution and issue an opinion.
3 SOURCE Become aware and complete the process

FORM: ( x ) YES NO ( ) PROCESS: ( x ) YES ( ) NO



Analysis and Career Development Guidance Division - DAOC / EDUFRGS / PROGESP

Extensions: 4596, 4714, 3219, 3015

For questions about the use and functionality of the Electronic Information System (SEI), see the User Manual - SEI-UFRGS, available at www.ufrgs.br/conecte-se, or contact the General Protocol Division - DPG, extensions 3088 or 4754, email sei@ufrgs.br.

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