The EDUFRGS Salon is a space for the dissemination of experiências and pesquisas applied to work, as well as academic research that directly or indirectly contribute to the development of the server, with the quality of work activities and / or with the improvement of institutional performance.

The 2nd EDUFRGS Hall took place from 10/19/2015 to 10/23/2015, in the morning and afternoon shifts, at the UFRGS Valley Campus, on the premises of building nº 43211 (IL / IFCH classroom building) .

Below are the works indicated as highlights, which will be re-presented at the Special Session, on 10/23/2015, from 9 am to 1 pm, in the SEAD Polo EAD Auditorium (Room 102 of Building 43.124):

20/10/2015 – Terça-feira

Session 1 - Education: Effect of social integration on the learning of university students - SÔNIA MARIA MARTINS (Research Report)
Session 2 - Information Sciences: LUME: more visibility for scientific and academic production at UFRGS - JANISE SILVA BORGES DA COSTA (Experience report)
Session 3 - Infrastructure: Construction and adaptation of a laboratory for physical-chemical analysis of water, sewage and industrial effluents in the University environment - TIAGO CARRARD CENTURIAO (Experience report)

10/21/2015 - Wednesday

Session 4 - Education: Student Monitoring and Resolution 19/2011: conflict or solution? - RICARDO STRACK (Experience report)
Session 5 - Management and Governance: The socialization of technicians and administrators entering UFRGS; analysis of a rite of passage - ÂNGELA ROULIM STAINKI (Research Report)
Session 6 - Health Sciences: Work accidents at UFRGS Veterinary Hospital - MARIANA DE MATTOS BROSE (Research Report)
Session 7 - Education: UFRGS Community Service Program: a collective experience - MAGDA MARTINS DE OLIVEIRA (Experience report)
Session 8 - Management and Governance: Administrative Management at the School of Nursing - MARELAINE MACIEL RODRIGUES PLOHARSKI (Experience Report)
Session 9 - Health Sciences: Palhafasia: The clown experience with an aphasic group - MAGDA ALINE BAUER (Experience report)

10/22/2015 - Thursday

Session 10 - Human and Social Sciences: Landscapes of Memory: Life Narratives of Support Staff at UFRGS - BERENICE MACHADO ROLIM (Research Report)
Session 11 - Management and Governance: “COMGRAD Kit” Experience - Collaborative Work in the Preparation of Guiding Material for Actions in Graduation Committees - IRMA ANTONIETA GRAMKOW BUENO
Session 12 - Environmental: Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Treatment of the ETE of the Campus Litoral Norte - LOUIDI LAUER ALBORNOZ (Research Report)
Session 13 - Management and Governance: Planning Methodology at the Dean of People Management - NINA CERVO PAGNON (Experience Report)
Session 14 - Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Validations of Method for the Determination of carotenoids by High Performance Liquid Chromatogragia (HPLC - DAD) and Application in Microalgae Dunaliella tertiolecta and Chlorella sp. - ANDRESSA BACALAU DIPRAT (Research Report)
Session 15 - Communication, Letters and Arts: Art, Culture and Heritage: Experiences, Networks and Learning - PAULA VIVIANE RAMOS (Experience Report)
Session 16 – Human and Social Sciences: Contingent Valuation of Cultural Artistic Goods at UFRGS - ROBERTO LIMIA FERNANDES (Research Report)

Highlights of the Special Session:

Modality Oral Presentation of Research Report: The socialization of technical-administrative students entering UFRGS: analysis of a rite of passage - ANGELA ROULIM STAINKI
Modality Oral Presentation of Experience Report: Construction and adaptation of a laboratory for physical-chemical analysis of water, sewage and industrial effluents in the university environment - TIAGO CARRARD CENTURIAO

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