General information

The improvement actions promoted by EDUFRGS are planned and executed according to the guidelines of the Training and Improvement Program (Decision nº 047/2007) and regulated according to the Training Plan entitled Integral Training of Servers at UFRGS (Ordinance UFRGS nº 1,191 / 2013).

Improvement is understood by EDUFRGS under the terms of Decree nº 5.825 / 2006 as a “learning process, based on teaching-learning actions, which updates, deepens knowledge and complements the professional training of the server, with the objective of making it able to develop its activities, in view of conceptual, methodological and technological innovations ”. Improvement actions are, therefore, modular events that seek to promote the development of skills.

The improvement actions offered by EDUFRGS can be used for purposes of functional progression through training, in cases where the technical-administrative server is classified in training levels I, II and III and for the purpose of fulfilling stages of the probationary stage, for teaching staff in probationary stage, through the Support Program for Pedagogical Improvement (PAAP).

Improvement actions are classified into thematic areas, according to the theme and content of the training. They are: Affirmative Actions; Environmental; Agrarian Sciences; Biological Sciences; Information Sciences; Health Sciences; Exact and Earth Sciences; Human and Social Sciences; Communication, Letters and Arts; Education; Academic International Relations Management; Management and Governance; Inclusion and Accessibility and Infrastructure.


Learning Trails

The UFRGS Integral Training Training Plan understands how Trilha de Aprendizagem the set of interdependent activities that promote the personal and professional development of the server, composed of improvement and qualification actions chosen by him, according to his interest and availability, in order to meet the needs of the work and the objectives of the institution.

Target Audience

In general, all teachers and technical-administrative staff are the target audience for improvement actions. There are also exclusive actions for civil servants who recently joined the University and exclusive actions for certain areas or sectors of the University.

Registration procedure

To sign up for an improvement action, follow these steps (or access the sign-up tutorial by clicking on here):

· Access the SERVER PORTAL and enter your number UFRGS card and your password.

· Select the Service Catalog menu> Services> Scheduling> Registration for training.

· Click on the title of the action to improve your interest;

· Select the training time;

· Inform the reason why you are interested in participating in this improvement action.

· Click Subscribe.

After this procedure, your registration will be completed. However, your participation will still be pending in the following steps: Certification of the immediate head of the server; Selection of EDUFRGS according to the selection criteria.

To check if you have been selected to participate in the improvement action you signed up for, look for the improvement action on calendário EDUFRGS and check the list of selected servers in the “participants” field. The human resources system also communicates, by email, the servers that were selected for the training action.

To cancel your subscription:

- Training with registration period Open:

· Access the SERVER PORTAL and enter your UFRGS card number and password.

· Select the Service Catalog menu> Services> Scheduling> Registration for training.

· Click on the title of the action to improve your interest;

· Select “unsubscribe”;

- Training with registration period finished:

· forward an email to EDUFRGS ( requesting the cancellation of your subscription


Selection Criteria

· Head Certification

Management authorization to carry out the improvement action. Registrations not certified by the management do not participate in the selection.

· Justification of the head and the server

The justification of the server, at the time of registration, as well as the justification informed by the head, at the time of certification, are analyzed and considered at the time of selection. In this regard, the relationship and relevance of the improvement action with the activities performed by the employee at his workplace are taken into account.

· Target Audience

In all improvement actions, the target audience of the activity is informed. Servers that are related to the target audience of the action will have priority in the selection.

Improvement actions also linked to the Pedagogical Improvement Activities Program (PAAP), that is, whose target audience includes teaching staff in probationary stage, will prioritize at least 50% of the vacancies for teaching staff who need to complete the PAAP in the next 6 months.

· Frequency of improvement actions

The minimum frequency in improvement actions is 75% attendance at meetings. Priority will be given to civil servants who have not recorded evasion in training actions in the last six months.

In addition, priority will be given to employees who have not yet carried out improvement actions in the last 6 months.

· Number of previous registrations

Unselected servers in previous classes will have priority in selecting future classes.

· Draw

In cases where, even after the application of the above criteria, there is a tie between those registered, the draw will be adopted.

Important informations:

Those selected who are unable to participate in the improvement action must communicate the fact to EDUFRGS at least 48 working hours in advance of the beginning of the course, by e-mail, so that there is time for the call of alternates for the activity (if any). In cases where the cancellation is not communicated to EDUFRGS within the deadline, the server will be considered “absent” (evasion), for the purposes of registration.

It is possible to justify the absence in the improvement actions in the following situations:

- reason for health of the servant, family and dependents (upon medical certificate);

- institutional meetings and commitments (from a communication from the respective management), through the formalization of this justification for the email The criterion of 75% attendance at meetings for completion and calculation of the workload of the activity remains for progression purposes. If the server does not participate in 75% of face-to-face meetings for the reasons stated above, it will bejustified absence”In the activity. The justified absence will not impact the selection of future improvement actions in which the server enrolls.

Criteria defined based on the UFRGS Training Program, Decision CONSUN 047/2007.


Electronic Point Guidelines

Absences from service to participate in a regularly established training program

The improvement actions promoted by the UFRGS Server Development School are part of the UFRGS Training and Improvement Program, established by CONSUN Decision 047/2007. The release to participate in these events is supported by art. 102, item IV, of Law 8,112 / 90, in which absences from service for participation in a regularly established training program are foreseen as effective exercise.

EDUFRGS encourages the University's employees to participate in training activities that promote their personal and professional development. For this, it is essential that the individual and institutional interests be reconciled, so that the absences of the employee for the purpose of improvement do not compromise the smooth running of work activities and the functioning of the sectors.

How to register absences due to training:

a) As a student / participant

Considering the aforementioned legal provision, when the server is absent from service due to participation in improvement actions, which collide with his workday, registration at the electronic point should be performed as follows:

Formalize the registration adjustment request in the electronic point system as follows:

· Registration adjustment;

· Request inclusion of adjustment;

· Type: hourly pay bonus;

· Record the date and time to be paid, according to the time of the meeting;

· Justification: training;

· Attach the disclosure of the improvement action, which is made available on the EDUFRGS page, so that it proves that the server was selected there, or attach a visualization of the server portal page that informs the conclusion of the course (in cases where the activity has already been completed). This last receipt can be obtained at Portal do Servidor> Service Catalog> Personal Information> Training.

It is important to note that, whenever the server leaves his sector for training, it is necessary to register the exit at the electronic point. In situations where commuting is necessary to participate in the event, it is possible to pay only the workload of the work-training and training-work path. The residence-training and training-residence routes cannot be paid, in these cases the registration of the workload to be paid will count from the start of the improvement action and will cease at the end of the same.

If the server is called upon to carry out improvement actions, which are of institutional interest, promoted by EDUFRGS, carried out outside his working hours, the workload of the same will be counted as effective exercise.

b) As a minister

The improvement actions promoted by EDUFRGS are, for the most part, taught by employees of the University's staff. For the workload spent on carrying out activities of this nature (instructing, pedagogical and technical coordination, preparation of teaching material, etc.), payment of the GECC is due when the activities performed are not linked to the competences of the body or sector in which the server is full, are not linked to the duties of his position and when they are carried out on an occasional basis, as long as they do not prejudice the duties of the position that the server is the holder of, and should be the object of compensation. The following cannot be paid for by GECC: in-service training events for the dissemination of content related to the units' competences, as well as the activities described in the position of the ministering servant.

The payment of activities related to the performance of improvement actions is carried out through the Gratification for Course or Contest Charge (GECC) and is regulated by art. 76A of Law 8,112 / 1990, Decree 6,114 / 2007, Ordinance MEC 1,084 / 2008 and Ordinance UFRGS 5,769 / 2015.

Finally, it is important to remember that, just as registration at the point of departure time is essential to attend training, this registration is also necessary when the server leaves the sector to teach them. However, this leave does not provide an allowance for the workload. The entire workload employed in carrying out activities inherent to courses or contests, involving the payment of the GECC, when performed during the working day, must be compensated within up to one year, counting from the end of the activity ( or encounter) that caused the absence of the server at the workplace. The compensation plan and proof of the compensated workload must be recorded in the GECC payment process.

Operationalization at the Electronic Point

· In case of payment of GECC: Server checks out at the electronic point to administer the improvement action.

· In cases where there is no payment of GECC: Server does not check out the electronic point, since the activity is considered as work. As the activity is carried out in another location (different from your place of work), you check out at the electronic point and later request a period adjustment - activity outside the place of exercise.


Guidance for Incoming Servers

If the server is new to the University (still without SIAPE and without access to the Server Portal) and is interested in carrying out any improvement actions promoted by EDUFRGS, the registration process occurs as follows:

- The immediate head of the server sends a message to EDUFRGS ( Informing the server's interest in a specific improvement action, authorized their participation and justifying the importance of the activity for the server's activities;

- This registration request will be considered together with the number of registrations made via the Server Portal;

- The selection result will be published on the improvement action page, in the “Participants” field.

ATTENTION: check here the Public Service Initiation Trail indicated for you!


Report of Actions Performed by Server

Accessing the Server Portal> Server> Personal Information> Training information is available regarding the improvement actions already carried out by the server, as follows:

· Name of the improvement action;

· Realization period;

· Workload;

· Module (only for teachers who performed activities related to the Pedagogical Improvement Activities Program - PIAP);

· Observations (only for administrative technicians who have already used the respective workload for progression through training);

· Functional Progressions (only for technical-administrative).

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