Specialization Course Exemption

Action related to the Qualification Support Program, which encourages university employees to expand their qualification by exempting the tuition fee in a specialization course (except the enrollment fee in the selection process), for graduate courses (lato sensu) offered by UFRGS. It considers the position and the environment in which the server develops its activities.

Necessary documentation to instruct the process (and the respective procedure):

1. Completion of the Application Form Exemption from fees in the Specialization course by the server with a view to the Immediate Head and Senior Management.

2. Proof of registration ou comprovante de aprovação no processo seletivo;

3. Manifestation by the immediate manager regarding the importance of the course for the activities performed by the server;

4. Course program.


  • At the end of the Specialization course, proof of title obtained must be presented to the Dean of Personnel Management, with the knowledge of the immediate head and included in the initial process.
  • In case of interruption of the Course, proof of attendance must be attached and forwarded until the date of suspension of the Server's participation and justification for it (envisaged by the Immediate Head and Direction of the Unit / Agency).

Legal Forecast:

  1. Sole paragraph of Article 5 of CONSUN Decision No. 78/2003;
  2. Article 3 of UFRGS Ordinance No. 3658, of 12/31/1998;


Step Sector Procedure
1 SOURCE Forward form and add the necessary documentation
2 —— Open process via SEI
3 DAOC Analyze the process; if approved, issue a deferral report and forward it to the Postgraduate Program that offers the Specialization Course; otherwise, return to ORIGIN
4 GRADUATE PROGRAM Take note of the granting opinion
5 DAOC Register the grant and attach a document with instructions to the applicant
6 SOURCE Become aware and maintain the process until the end of the course, when attaching certificate of completion or justification for withdrawal
7 DAOC Take science and file process

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