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The request should only be sent electronically, through SEI

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Leave granted to the civil servant after each five-year period of effective exercise, so that he can leave the exercise of the effective position, for up to 90 days, to participate in training events or to prepare formal education course work that contribute for the development of the server and that meet the interests of the Institution, according to the annual training plan.


– Open the process 30 days in advance;

- To be a teaching or technical-administrative servant of the UFRGS staff with at least five years of effective exercise;


Completing the Application Form for License for Training by the server with views from the Immediate Head and Unit Management;

Development action information:

a) for training purposes: proof of registration issued by the promoting institution, stating the location, the period, the workload, the training event program and the modality (in person, semi-presence or at a distance);

b) for formal education purposes: proof of enrollment issued by the educational institution, project title, study plan, advisor's statement informing the activities to be carried out, the place of performance, the period and the required weekly workload;

 – Server justification as to the interest of the public administration in the intended training, aiming at the development of the civil servant;

 – Manifestação da chefia as for the institutional interest, assessing the compatibility between the request and the planning of the leave of the entire workforce of the unit and its agreement regarding the request for the granting of the license (arts. 24 and 29).

(If there is any documentation in a foreign language, its translation must be submitted with the annexation of the “Declaration of Aptitude to Translate Documents” - SEI proper document).

To authenticate documents in SEI

  1. 1. If the certificate is digital born, authentication is not required.
  2. 2. If the certificate is scanned, use the SEI's own function for this certification:

Tutorial for License Application for SEI Training


How long can the training license be paid in installments?

The Training License may be divided into a maximum of six periods and the shortest period may not be less than fifteen days.

Can I accumulate the license acquisition periods?

No. The training license cannot be accumulated from one five-year period to the next.

If the license is in installments, should I use it for different purposes for each period?

Each period should be destined to a different purpose, being able to be characterized in different stages in the case of formal education. The server must request the other dates, in a new form, in the same process, within a period of 30 days before the intended date of enjoyment.


- The right to calculate residual service time, existing on 10/15/96, unused from the special license and / or premium license for attendance, for the purposes of the training license is protected.

- Upon receiving the process for science, the applicant must keep it in the Unit / Body in order, after the end of the qualification activity, to attach a certified proof of completion and forward it to the Career Development Analysis and Guidance Division (DAOC) from the UFRGS Server Development School (EDUFRGS).

- In case of interruption due to licenses or other reasons that make it impossible to continue the license for training, the server must notify, through the request process, to the immediate superior, with knowledge of the direction of the Unit / Body to DAOC / EDUFRGS for the necessary measures. .

- According to Law No. 8,112 / 1990, the servers that benefit from the training license they will not be able to request leave to carry out Master and Doctorate programs, for a period of 2 years after the end of the last period.

- The server that, eventually, holds a Management Position or a Gratified Function, must present a replacement indication, by the immediate superior, through the document “Replacement CD or FG for licenses with process”, and forward it in a specific process to the Control Division of Positions (DCC).

- In the event of leave for more than 30 consecutive days, the server must request DCC to discharge the Management Position or Gratified Function from the date of departure.




The estimated period between receipt of the process and certification of the ordinance is 30 working days, which may vary according to the time the process remains at DAF until the period regarding the acquisition right is informed.


Analysis and Career Development Guidance Division (DAOC) - PROGESP

Extensions: 3015, 3914, 3219


For questions about the use and functionality of the Electronic Information System (SEI), consult the SEI-UFRGS user manual, available in, ou entre em contato com o Protocolo Geral – DGP, ramais 3088 ou 4754, e e-mail

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