Master of Operations Management

Notice of Professional Master's in Operations Management at Federal Public Universities for UFRGS Servers

The School of Engineering, in partnership with the School of Development of Servers (EDUFRGS), published on 06/06/2019 the announcement of the Professional Master's course in Operations Management at Federal Public Universities - EDITAL PMPEP / UFRGS 001/2019.

The course is aimed at UFRGS servers and has 12 vacancies among the following lines of research:

  • Operations engineering at federal public universities;
  • Economic engineering in federal public universities;
  • Human resources engineering in federal public universities.

The course aims to promote the development and qualification of civil servants in the face of critical and strategic demands from the University, improving administrative management as well as developing innovation projects. To this end, research projects must address one of the lines of research indicated in the notice and indicate which objectives and actions of the UFRGS Management Plan and / or PDI are linked, in addition to providing for applicability in the workplace. Priority will be given in the selection of candidates who present research projects that include the attendance of elements present in Decree 9.739 / 2019.

In addition, the practical application of the knowledge developed in the course will be promoted through the development of the research project, which provides for the deployment of theoretical knowledge in practical actions of improvement and innovation in the student's workplace, considering demands for improvement and innovation the university environment. Such application is made possible through the In-Service Residence, in-service learning modality that brings teaching and research activities closer to the student's work activities and provides opportunities for different aspects of formal education to be reflected and experienced at work, thus generating direct impacts on the areas chosen for carrying out research projects.

On 06/19/2019, at 2 pm, at Amphitheater 500 of the Edifício da Engenharia Nova (Av. Osvaldo Aranha, 99), an orientation seminar will be held on the referred master.

The 2019/2 notice is available on the Graduate School of Engineering page ( ou clicando aqui. The registration period will be from 01 to 05/07/2019. There is no registration fee foreseen for the selection process. Additional information can be found on this page.

The selection process and the conduct of classes are the responsibility of the School of Engineering.


In 2016 and 2017 the School of Engineering promoted the Academic Master in Operations Management at Federal Public Universities (GOUPF). In that context, the public notices were opened to the community, with priority access from public federal university employees.

In 2018 the School of Engineering promoted the first Professional Master in Operations Management at Federal Public Universities.

Check it out here the interview conducted by TV Engenharia with some of the students who joined the GOUPF Master in 2016!

Below, the list of some dissertations carried out by students in classes 2016 and 2017.

Class student Title Dissertation LUME link
2016 Agustin Javier Diaz Cejas Improvements in a framework for gap analysis in complex socio-technical systems: application in a chemical laboratory
2016 Akie Yoshioka Proposition of a set of knowledge management practices for the coordination of undergraduate courses
2016 Aline Da Silva Argenta Layout management systematics to improve the flows of a university library
2016 Damian Steppacher Evaluation structure of perceived quality and performance in administrative services of a higher education institution
2016 Francine Adriane Baldigen Maturity and innovation in institutional assessment in higher education institutions in the public sector
2016 Jorge Luiz Vicente Da Cunha Proposition of a structure of indicators to support the management of intangible intellectual capital assets in IFES
2016 Leonel Nunes Paixão Proposed systematic support for economic and financial sustainability of university hospitals: the case of the UFRGS Dental Teaching Hospital
2016 Liliani Gaeversen Knowledge sharing in the management activities of the UFRGS School of Engineering
2016 Marcelo Lima Celente Participatory strategic planning in federal universities: a proposal for implementation in an academic unit at UFRGS
2016 Marcia Helena Carvalho Bom Proposal for a Quality of Life at Work Management Program for a federal institution of higher education
2016 Marcia Maria Mattos Langeloh Analysis of requirements for recognition of foreign degrees in Brazil
2016 Maria Rita Jardim Hennigen Governance and management in acquisitions: proposing a model for a Brazilian public university
2016 Melina Dick  

Development of biodegradable films from the seed and mucilage of chia (Salvia hispanica L.)
2016 Raquel Capiotti Da Silva Implementation of a performance measurement system for people management processes in the case of a federal institution of higher education
2016 Tatiany Oleques Lukrafka Lean principles for improving public services: paradigms, model proposal and implementation
2016 Viviane Carrion Castanho Dimensioning the workforce in university libraries: a model based on business processes
2017 José Luis Machado Inclusive management: proposals for labor inclusion in an IFES
2017 Mateus Dalmoro Impact of stricto sensu qualification on public servants' work
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