External Processes (External Institutions)

Temporarily, while the SIAPE system is awaiting improvement of the respective payment module, the orientation is that the payment be made by means of a Bank Order, directly to the server that provided a service subject to gratuity due to course and contest charges. The process must be accompanied by the documents below, except for items I and VI.

According to Art. 13 of UFRGS Ordinance No. 3657, of May 18, 2018, the requirements for the payment procedure for these activities are:

I. Letter informing the decentralization of the resource;

II. Copy of the Declaration of Execution of Activities - prepared by the contracted server;

III. Copy of the Responsibility and Commitment Term with signature of the immediate and ascending managers - prepared by the contracted server;

IV. Calculation of payment specifying the workload performed and the value of the hour worked (spreadsheet) - prepared by the contracting institution;

V. Copy of Ordinance or normative document that regulates the payment of the GECC in the body where the activity was performed - prepared by the contracting institution;

SAW. Proof of Budget Transfer - Updated: Proof of payment via Bank Order - prepared by the contracting institution;

It is recommended that the GECC process for courses taught at external institutions be opened via SEI by the contracted server, which is the reference for the organization of documents and insertion of them in the system, both for those “prepared by the contracted server” and for the “Prepared by the contracting institution”.

Below, we present models of documents that make up the payment process for Gratification Charges for Courses and Competitions (GECC) to be used by other federal institutions for contracting and paying for services rendered by UFRGS servers.

* For SEI open cases, these documents are available in the system itself. That is, they can be generated and filled out directly at CES, as well as their respective electronic signatures. To assist in the preparation of documents in the system, click here and check out a tutorial that can be used as a guide, although it was created with the purpose of guiding the preparation of documents for internal GECC.

The above process should be under the responsibility of the server, in SEI.

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