Learning Trails

The UFRGS Integral Training Training Plan understands how Trilha de Aprendizagem the set of interdependent activities that promote the personal and professional development of the server, composed of improvement and qualification actions chosen by him, according to his interest and availability, in order to meet the needs of the work and the objectives of the institution.

When the worker defines the course of action for his professional growth, he is building his learning path. Thus, different people can make different trails and reach the same result, with regard to the development of a knowledge, skill or attitude. However, with each new “arrival point” or result, new needs and projects stimulate a new “starting point”, fostering continuous learning.

Institutions play an important role in encouraging the continuing education of professionals who work in it and who contribute to its development. By suggesting learning paths, the institution guides the worker on the possibilities of structured learning available on specific topics, contributing to their personal and professional development.

Development trails suggested by EDUFRGS:

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