Centro de Eventos do Instituto de Informática
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil.

Setor 4 - Campus do Vale UFRGS


  • 22 - 26 July 2019

Transport Information in Porto Alegre:

Full routes and bus line schedules can be checked  at the website from EPTC (link) .

The main companies and their bus lines that go to the event site are:

  • Carris: D43 - Universitária; 343 - Campus Ipiranga; T8, T10;
  • Unibus: 375 - Agronomia/Info; 3751 - Agronomia

Hotels in Porto Alegre:

Suggestions of Hostels + Bus Lines:

  • Porto Alegre Eco Hostel: Rua Luiz Afonso, 276, Porto Alegre
    Bus line 343 and Bus line Agronomia (Av. João Pessoa).
    Information →
  • Hostel Porto do Sol: Rua Mariante, 958, Porto Alegre
    Bus line T8 
    Information →
  • Rock'n'Hostel: Av. Alberto Bins, 954
    Bus line D43 (Av. Oswaldo Aranha)
    Information →
  • Cidade Baixa Hostel: Rua Sarmento Leite, 964, Porto Alegre
    Bus line 343 and Bus line Agronomia (Av. João Pessoa)
    Information →
  • Solar63 Hostel: Rua Otávio Corrêa, 63, Porto Alegre
    Bus line 343 and Bus line Agronomia  (Av. João Pessoa)
    Information →
  • Brick Hostel: Rua Cabral, 217, Porto Alegre
    Bus line D43 (Av. Oswaldo Aranha) or Bus line T8  (Av. Mariante)
    Information →

About Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The city is an important cultural and business center of southern Brazil. The city of Porto Alegre is multicultural. A set of multiple expressions, of various faces, ethnic and religious origins makes Porto Alegre a rare space where contrasts and differences are well received and always welcome. The city was founded in 1772 by Azorean Portuguese couples.

During the following centuries, it welcomed immigrants from all over the world, particularly Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Africans, Poles and Lebanese, including Catholics, Jews, Protestants and Muslims. Porto Alegre is a bustling hub of recognized quality services and infrastructure, the base of large national and international companies and one of the main destinations for international events in Brazil. The city is located only 120 kilometers from the pleasant Serra Gaucha.

Credits: @sergiomaxi and @portoalegreoficial
Credits: @inezkonflanz @portoalegreoficial


Credits: @marcitodc @portoalegreoficial

More information can be obtained at http://www2.portoalegre.rs.gov.br/turismo →

More Pictures from Porto Alegre can be found in Instagram @portoalegreoficial  →

About the Institute of Informatics - UFRGS

The Institute of Informatics (INF) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) is an international-class center of excellence in education, research and innovation in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Its faculty has 78 professors, which makes it one of the largest groups in the country in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Its important feature is a strong interdisciplinarity between software-oriented research and hardware-oriented research.

The Graduate Program in Computing (PPGC) of INF/UFRGS is one of the largest, oldest and most comprehensive graduate programs in Computing in the country. Evaluated with concept 7 by CAPES (on a scale that goes up to 7), the PPGC has the best evaluation in the Southern region and is among the 5 best graduate programs in Computing in the country.

The Program offers training in Computing at the Masters and Doctorate levels in Computer Science, existing since 1973 and 1989. The proposal of the Program is to offer training of excellence in the following lines of research: Architecture and Design of Computer Systems, Bioinformatics, Microelectronics, Embedded Systems, Testing and Reliability of Integrated Systems of Hardware and Software, Fundamentals of Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Interaction, Computer Networks, Failure Tolerance, Digital TV, Software Engineering. Conceptual Modeling and Database.

Institute of Informatics
Institute of Informatics
Institute of Informatics

More information in http://www.inf.ufrgs.br →

About the Center for Biotechnology - UFRGS

The Center for Biotechnology (CBiot) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul is responsible for the disciplines of Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Biomedicine and Chemistry Courses. Its professors are guiding professors of the Postgraduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology and of the Postgraduate Programs in Genetics and Molecular Biology and Biological Sciences - Biochemistry.

The research lines are related to basic studies of gene organization, control of gene expression, biochemical and molecular pharmacology, vaccine development, plant biotechnology, molecular methods of pathogen detection and genome analysis. The Postgraduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology (PPGBCM) is an agile and innovative Postgraduate Program, which provides training at the Doctoral or Master's levels, aiming at the qualified differentiation and individual training of its postgraduate to exercise academic and scientific-technological leadership.

PPGBCM is based on Professors-Researchers who work at the Center of Biotechnology (CBiot) and in Departments of UFRGS, and researchers from other institutions in Brazil, who maintain close collaboration with research groups of CBiot. The areas of concentration of PPGBCM are: Cell and Molecular Biology, Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Center for Biotechnology
Center for Biotechnology
Center for Biotechnology

More information in  http://www.cbiot.ufrgs.br →

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