Bachelor of Administration

The Administration course was officially created in 1962.

The administrator has his activities based on practice. They should manage difficult and challenging tasks and often need to find new solutions. Therefore, he uses several sources of knowledge. The administrator is the professional who makes predominantly short-term decisions, based on information not programmed, unpredictable, logical and often ambiguous. He takes care of the organizational life and is primarily concerned with current operations and problem solving.

The administrator is also the one who makes medium- and long-term decisions, focused on the future of the organization and the implementation of technological innovation. He seeks continuously inter-relationship and interdependence in transactions with the external environment and in relationships with people.

The Administration program at UFRGS aims to train management professionals with conceptual, technical and human skills capable of articulating systematized knowledge with professional action, in order to build an effective organizational context and its transformation into entrepreneurial opportunities based on social and environmental responsibility, justice and ethics.