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Founded in 1940, ESEFID is the oldest School of Physical Education in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with more than 50 professors in three undergraduate courses: Physical Education, Physical Therapy and Dance. Our history spans over 75 years, with great expertise in the three major areas of teaching, research and community outreach, which ensures the highest quality education.
 Graduate Program  Specialization Courses  Community Outreach
Graduate Program in Human Movement Sciences (Doctorate and Master´s)
• 26 professors
• 27 research groups

Two areas of study:
• Human Science, Culture and Education
• Human Science, Health and Performance
• Exercise Physiology
• Kinesiology
• Motor Skills Childhood
• Pilates
• Aging and Quality of Life
• Neuromuscular Training
• Sports Journalism

+ 160 students enrolled/year
National reference in outreach activities and community services:
• Sporting schools
• Aquatic sports and activities
• Physical training and assessment
• Dance troupes
• Physical therapy care
• Special attention to the elderly and socially vulnerable children

And many others.
 Physical Therapy Clinic  LAPEX  Partnership
Equipped to provide patients with proper treatment Exercise Research Laboratory, a national reference in Physical Education research Programs in partnership with the Ministries of Education, Sports and Health: PET, PET Saúde, Project Referências, Núcleo de Esportes de Base, Segundo Tempo and others.
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