Frequently Asked Questions


EUF candidates can extract grades certificate as a result of their participation in the exam from their EUF portal in the EUF Platform;


EUF Associated Physics Graduate Programs will have access to the candidate’s grade certificate as he enrolls in the Program. Each Program may use this certificate as part of their set of selection rules for accepting candidates in their graduate courses.


Financial support: EUF does not support any kind of financial request by candidates;


Scholarships: Only the Associated Graduate Programs may have scholarships for distribution if the candidate is selected to enter the program, and depending on program´s classification rules. EUF does not have scholarships for distribution.


Contacts I: Attention: it is mandatory that you use EUF PLATFORM to contact the organization if you have questions concerning a current (ongoing) edition of the EUF. NEVER USE any other means of contact to ask for help when the subject is related to a current edition of the EUF.


Contacts II: If you have questions NOT RELATED to an ONGOING EDITION of the EUF, you are welcome to use this contact: