Comissions | Graduation Comission

The Graduation Commission of the College of Pharmacy has specific responsibilities described in the norms and rules of the University, such as directing students in general issues, proposing the organization of curriculums and the corresponding activities, assessing the current curriculum periodically, proposing actions associated with the teaching of undergraduates, among others.

The COMGRAD is formed by: 

– Prof.ª Denise Bueno (

– Prof.ª Tatiane da Silva Dal Pizzol (

– Prof.ª Ana Lúcia Peixoto de Freitas (

– Prof.ª Grace Gosmann (

– Prof.ª Cristiane Matté (

– Prof.ª Giovana Mercali (

– Prof.ª Kátia Bernardo Gusmão (

– Marisa Erig – Technician in Educational Affair

– Otávio Américo Augustin – Student

Access the Graduation Commission website for more information.