Comissions | Extension Comission

The Extension Commission is responsible for proposing to the College of Pharmacy Board actions related to outreach activities, issuing opinions on the plans, programs and extension projects, under the Rules of the College. It should also monitor and evaluate the implementation of each of these developed activities .

COMEX is formed by:

– Profª Dra. Louise Marguerite Jeanty de Seixas  – Coordinator (

– Profª Dra. Luciane Calil – Deputy Coordinator (

– Profª Dra. Tania Alves Amador – Faculty Representative (

– Profª Dra. Adelina Mezzari – Faculty Representative (

– Prof° Dr. Andreas Sebastian Loureiro Mendez – Faculty Representative (

– Dra. Maria Isabel Fischer – Staff Representative (

– Camila Silva Muneretto – Students’ Representative