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  • Department of Raw Material Production (FAR01)

    The Department of Raw Material Production (FAR01) is in charge of the courses dedicated to the production of essential raw materials in pharmaceutics studies. The courses taught in FAR 01 are of professional nature, that is, they train students in the knowledge of their responsibilities in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, these students demand solid knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology, which subsequently are channeled to Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, and Biochemistry. In light of that, elementary courses are offered in the first semesters so as to help students in these fields of study, preparing them for future demands. The Department also provides optional courses that afford the student to enlarge the knowledge required in different areas of pharmaceutical studies, such as: – Spectroscopy analysis of pharmaceutical drugs; – Phytopharmaceutical drugs; – Information techniques towards innovation in pharmaceutics; - Industrial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ; - Drug Design; - Chemistry of Heterocyclic drugs; and – Clean Technologies. Contact details: Prof. Vera Lucia Eiffler Lima – Coordinator – veraeifler@ufrgs.br Prof. Sandra Beatriz Rech – Deputy Coordinator - sandrar@farmacia.ufrgs.br Departmental Office: Room 210E - 2nd Floor - Phone: +55 51 3308-5108 Facilities: Laboratories on the 1st floor:

    - Laboratory of Phytochemistry and Organic Synthesis (LaFiS, www.ufrgs.br/lafis), Studies on medicinal chemistry are our main research goal, including drug design, synthesis, biological evaluation of compounds and finally studies on structure activity relationships.

    Laboratories on the 3rd floor: – Laboratory of Unit Operations and Pharmaceutical Processes, designed to the study of lab-scale and small-scale (pilot) equipment. Laboratories on the 5th floor: – Laboratory of Pharmacognosy, dedicated to the study of methods of extraction and chemical and chromatographic characterization of the main plant metabolites with pharmaceutical potential. Laboratories on the 7th floor: – Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Studies, dedicated to the chemical-pharmaceutical investigation of medical drugs and to respective quality control techniques; – Laboratory of Medicinal Organic Synthesis, dedicated to the formulation of synthetic routes to interconnect a series of organic reactions in order to obtain pharmaceutical drugs; – Laboratory of Biochemical Technology, dedicated to the study of extraction, fermentation, and biosynthesis pathways with the aim of producing, isolating and purifying raw materials and products in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs and foods.  

  • Department of Production and Control of Medicines (FAR02)

    The Department of Production and Control of Medicines (FAR02) is dedicated to the development, analysis, control pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations, in their several presentations, covering these aspects in different disciplines and research lines. The department also cover the area of pharmaceutical care. The Community Drugstore Program (Farmácia Popular) is also coordinated by professors and staff of the Department, supervising students in their internship periods. Contact details: Prof. George Gonzales Ortega – Coordinator – ortega@farmacia.ufrgs.br Prof. Martin Steppe – Deputy Coordinator - martin.steppe@ufrgs.br Departmental Office: Room 210E - 2nd Floor - Phone: +55 51 3308-5108 Facilities: First floor: – Bioanalytical Laboratory of Medicines (CBIM), carries out pharmacokinetics research on the quantification of pharmaceutical drugs in biological samples, of both animal and human origin, and some multiuser labs under the responsibility of FAR02 professors. Second floor: Pharmaceutical Drugs Information Center, CIM-RS (http://cimrs.blogspot.com.br/), which supports the health professionals in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, providing information and promoting the rational use of pharmaceutical drugs. Fourth floor: – Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Pharmacokinetics: development of nanotechnological formulations, pre-clinical pharmacokinetic evaluation of pharmaceutical drugs and new chemical entities; – Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Quality Control (LCQFar), which carries out research on the development of methodologies to analyze drugs and pharmaceutical formulations. Sixth floor: – Laboratory of Galenic Development (LDG) carries out research on pharmaceutical technologies (phytotherapeutical drugs, nanotechnology, cyclodextrins). – Multidisciplinary teaching laboratory, recently refurbished  

  • Department of Clinical Analyses (FAR03)

    The Department of Clinical Analyses (FAR03) offers mandatory and optional courses that are taught in its Laboratories located in different floors of the building. Contact details: Prof. Ana Lucia Peixoto de Freitas – Coordinator – usha@via-rs.net Prof. Diogo André Pilger – Deputy Coordinator - diogo.pilger@ufrgs.br Departmental Office: Room 210E - 2nd Floor - Phone: +55 51 3308-5108 Facilities: Third floor: – Laboratories dedicated to the teaching and to the research on the areas of Microbiology (Bacteriology and Mycology), applied Hematology and Cytology, as well as Immunology; – Laboratory of Microscopy (18 optical microscopes) carries out activities in lab classes with students of several courses, and has students that provide help as teachers’ assistants; – Laboratory for stem cell research; – Laboratory of Clinical Analyses (LACT), which carries routine tests, especially in the public health network. – Laboratory of Viral Load, linked with the Brazilian Health Service, in the follow-up of HIV patients, in order to measure evolution of therapy. Fifth floor: – Biochemistry Laboratory; – Parasitology Laboratory; – Quality Control Laboratory. Sixth floor: – Toxicology Laboratory.