Comissions | Workplace Health

The Commission on Workplace Health is in charge of ensuring the maintenance of well-being in the workplace and the quality of life of the academic community of the College, in the constant search for physical, mental and social health. COSAT aims to (1) monitor risks in work environments, reporting them and requiring improvements in order to reduce or eliminate these risks, (2) qualify the work environment with prevention campaigns that reflect and debate accidents, incidents, risky behaviors, and diseases that may occur in the workplace, (3) promote the respect and the observation of safety rules.

In order to meet this requirement, courses, training and campaigns on safety and prevention are carried out, widely and constantly publicized in the academic community, which improves awareness and performance. The Commission is also in charge of interdicting, forbidding access or condemning environments considered inappropriate and/or posing imminent risks to any member of the community COSAT conducts a series of permanent activities such as the management of chemical waste, the monthly assessment of showers and eye washing machines, the control of use-by dates and refilling of fire extinguishers, among other actions, which illustrate the role of COSAT in the College of Pharmacy.

COSAT is formed by:

– Alexandre Machado da Rosa – President (

– Prof. Miriam Anders Apel – Deputy President (

– Prof. Andreas Sebastian Loureiro Mendez (

– Júlio César Feijó Goulart (

– Gilson Silva dos Santos (

– Ana Lúcia Ávila Xavier (

– Élton Passos da Conceição (

– Maristela Cabral da Silva Piedade (

– André Machado Rech (

– Carla Rosane Dias da Silva (