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  • Laboratory of Clinical and Toxicological Analyses

    LACT is an extension studies project focused on the offer of services by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in a partnership the Municipal Government of Porto Alegre, which includes services of clinical and laboratory analyses. It is coordinated by professors Otávio Saraiva and Paulo Saraiva, and is directly linked with the College of Pharmacy, since all professors of FAR03 (Department of Clinical Analyses) participate, cooperating with the project by providing technical and didactic support to the people involved. The aim of the project is to provide services to the general public in need of clinical analysis, via the National Health Service. Therefore, the project has sample collection facilities all around town. This service is available in a room on the ground floor of the College of Pharmacy, in the health units Vila dos Comerciários da Cruzeiro do Sul, Bom Jesus, IAPI, Murialdo and, more recently, in the health unit Santa Marta and in the Hospital Presidente Vargas. The biological material collected is sent to the operational center located in the third floor of the College of Pharmacy, where the analyses are carried out. The staff in collection sites includes hired members of FAUFRGS (pharmacists, clerks, collection personnel, laboratory technical personnel), students with grants and taking a post-graduation course (not restricted to UFRGS students, including other post-graduation programs), high-school students with grants from partnership with the Technical School of the Teaching Hospital of Porto Alegre and, in the future, with the Conceição Hospital Group, apart from interns and students with extension studies grants. The target public of Laboratory is quite varied, including patients referred by the Municipal Health Authority (SMS), which has a partnership with UFRGS, and patients referred by DAS (Department of Health Care). This project is renewed every two years, and has been in place according to this model since 1986, being intensively expanded in the last two years due to the implementation of more collection sites. It is estimated that, by the end of 2015, the number of clinical analyses with reach 150,000. The Laboratory of Clinical and Toxicological Analyses of the College of Pharmacy is open Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays 7:30 am to 12:00 noon.

  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Quality Control (LCQFar)

    The Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Quality Control provides biological analyses services. Currently it is listed by the Brazilian Food and Drug Administration as an organization entitled to carry out pharmaceutical equivalence studies for generic pharmaceutical drugs, which as been receiving special attention. This means that the Laboratory is starting, through a partnership with the Brazilian Food and Drug Administration, to offer quality control services of pharmaceutical drugs, as the monitoring of these medicaments, which are randomly sampled by the Administration, which sends them to LCQFar, which carries out the official analyses of these pharmaceutical drugs. LCQFar is responsible for the preparation of monographs for the Brazilian Pharmacopea (an internal branch of the Brazilian Food and Drug Administration in charge of the standards used in the management of quality control of pharmaceutical drugs). Additionally, services are offered to private pharmaceutical laboratories, in biological or quality control studies. That is, the companies working in the development of new pharmaceutical drugs, which are to be launched in the market as generic medicaments, hire the Laboratory for the conduction of pharmaceutical equivalence tests, comparing the new drug with a standard reference product, and issuing the required documents. LCQFar also offers the control of pharmaceutical drugs to own-production drugstores and hospitals that require this service. As a reference organ in analyses, the LCQFar is located of the fourth floor of the College of Pharmacy building.

  • (PT) Núcleo Multimídia da Faculdade De Farmácia

    (PT) Núcleo Multimídia da Faculdade de Farmácia está situado na Rua São Luís, 160 – Santana e conta com uma estrutura para gravações em estúdio, web-conferências, gravações externas e transmissões. O objetivo do Núcleo é compartilhar a infraestrutura para atendimento do Campus Saúde no que se refere as atividades de ensino, pesquisa e extensão, em especial as iniciativas da Educação a Distância. Acesse o site aqui!