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  • Dean’s Office

    The Dean’s Office is located in room 204 (2nd floor) and is staffed by: Ana Jussara Duarte de Souza – Administrative Management Carmen Fátima Neckel Machado Daniela Almeida Sutel Gladis Teresinha Rodrigues Almirante Rozalino Correa Moraes E-mail: facfar@ufrgs.br Phone: +55 51 3308-5277

  • Infrastructure Sector

    The Infrastructure Sector of the College of Pharmacy is located in room 302 (3rd floor) and is staffed by: Elton Passos da Conceição – Manager – epcrs@ufrgs.br AdilsonEnio Pierog Antonio Ilton de Oliveira Jackson Luis da Fonseca Vinholes João Luiz Alves Peixoto Phone: +55 51 3308-5443/5452

  • Supplies and Storage Sector

    The Department of Supplies and Storage is located in room 206 (2nd floor) and is staffed by:

    Roberto Basso - Manager - basso@farmacia.ufrgs.br Patrick Keller Júlio Cesar Goulart Daniela Almeida Sutel

    E-mail: comprasfar@ufrgs.br Phone: +55 51 3308-5224

  • Center of Technological and Pharmaceutical Development

    The Center of Technological and Pharmaceutical Development (CDTF) covers mainly a transversal nature of the many subfields of Pharmaceutics, in terms of scientific and technological contributions, apart from the development of trained professionals in both undergraduation and post-graduation studies. Today, the CDTF is a research center whose organizational structure is based on collectiveness and multisided principles. The current structure of CDTF includes an area of approximately 510 m2 (507.63 m2) divided in a management area (29.08 m2) and a laboratory area (478.55 m2). All theme-based laboratories have been or are being implemented, all of which are of multiuser character: 1) Laboratory of Drying 2) Laboratory of Dissolution 3) Laboratory of Stability Studies 4) Laboratory of Microscopy and Electrophoresis (in the dark) 5) Laboratory of Homogenization 6) Laboratories of Solids Technologies 7) Laboratory of Molecular Biology 8) Laboratory of Fermentation (Biotechnology) All in all, the CDTF of the College of Pharmacy aims to contribute not only to the modernization of teaching by creating a dynamic environment for the development of research, teaching and extension projects, but also to the formation and training of high-level human resources.

  • Computer Lab

    The Computer Lab of the College of Pharmacy is located in room 302 (3rd floor) and is  is equipped with 15 computers for students, staff and Faculty members. Staff: Adilson Enio Pierog – adilson.enio@ufrgs.br Elton Passos da Conceição – epcrs@ufrgs.br Phone: +55 51 3308-5443 2014-08-07 10.39.52 2014-08-07 10.40.02

  • Library

    The library of the College of Pharmacy is located in two independent areas: the Books Section (room 201, 2nd floor) and the Journals Section (room 301, 3rd floor). Open from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm. Physical space:  has and of 182.80 m², distributed in two independent physical spaces: the Books Section (2nd floor) and the Journals Section (3rd floor). 2014-08-07 10.28.50 2014-08-07 10.28.29 Staff: Librarians: Claudia da Silva Gonçalves (Chief Librarian), Tatiane Soares Jesus and Julia Angst Coelho. Library Assistants: Gilson da Silva Santos and Paulo Ricardo Camargo Ceroni Services offered: * Search in Online databases (SABI, USP, UNICAMP, MEDLINE, etc.) * Library’s collection, open to the general public (Items of the collection are lent only to UFRGS students, professors and staff). * Library Exchange: requests of copies of documents to other Brazilian libraries. Contact: Phone: +55 51 33085234 (Books Section) or +55 51 33085406 (Journals Section) E-mail: bibfar@farmacia.ufrgs.br  

  • Conference room

    The "Alfredo Leal" Conference Room was inaugurated on November 18, 1985, in the 90th anniversary year of the Faculty of Pharmacy. It has been modernized and reopened in October 2011. The space accommodates 150 people and is available for booking by the email reservasfacfar@ufrgs.br. It has modern AV facilities.   DSC09754 DSC09759DSC09413