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  • Pharmaceutics in APS

    Target public: Pharmacists working in the public health system in pharmaceutical  care Objective of the course: To provide technical and human development skills to pharmacists to work in elementary health care, improving the skills in basic and field activities based on the principles laid out by the National Health Service (SUS). The course has a classroom stage and a distance learning stage, and will be made available in three editions. The classroom stage includes two meetings, one in the beginning of the course, lasting two days, and one at the end, lasting five days. The intermediary stage is carried out as a distance-learning course using the moodle platform of UFRGS. The proposal is based on the study of everyday situations faced by the pharmacists, which evolve with the stages. The duration of the course is 350 hours. 4th edition is comming. Please, see more details here.

  • (PT) Curso de Gestão de Resíduos Laboratoriais

    (PT) A COSAT da FacFar está promovendo mais uma edição do Curso de Gestão de Resíduos Laboratoriais. Turma 1 (2015). Acesse abaixo os documentos e aulas do Curso: Programa Gerenciamento de Laboratório Resíduos Eletrônicos Uso Racional e Descarte de Medicamentos Gestão de Resíduos Químicos Resíduos de Serviço de Saúde