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The College of Pharmacy of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil, was founded on 29 September, 1895. It is the University’s oldest college. In a meeting on 25 July 1898, in the presence of Alfredo Leal (one of the founders of the College and its first director), the Faculty of the Maternity Labor Course and the Congregation of the School of Pharmacy agreed to merge, creating the College of Medicine and of Pharmacy. The term Pharmacy was removed in 1911.

Between 1898 and 1952, the College of Pharmacy was associated with the College of Medicine, UFRGS. This connection changed gradually in the following years, and in 1916 the College of Pharmacy was given the status of extension of the College of Medicine. The University of Porto Alegre, established in 1936, was absorbed by the College of Medicine and extension colleges of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Law, Commerce, Engineering, Agronomy and Veterinary, Arts, and Education, Sciences and Languages (the last to be established).

Due to the incorporation of colleges in the countryside of the State of Rio Grande do Sul such as the Law School and the Dentistry College of Pelotas, and the College of Pharmacy of Santa Maria, in 1949 the University of Porto Alegre was renamed University of Rio Grande do Sul. In the following year the University was included in Brazil’s Federal Higher Education System, and became a Federal Organization. Even after it became autonomous, in 1949, the College of Pharmacy went in as an extension of the College of Medicine until 1952, when it was reorganized as a Technical-Administrative Institution.

Therefore, it emerges as the College of Pharmacy, later to be called College of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of Porto Alegre and, finally, College of Pharmacy of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

The pioneering spirit of the College led to the implementation, in 1970, of the Post-Graduation Program in Pharmacy, the first MSc program in the field of pharmaceutical studies in Brazil. Additionally, in 1992 the PhD program was started and, in 2000, the Specialization Program in Clinical Analyses was constituted. Ever since its conception, the interaction between the College of Pharmacy and the society has been noteworthy, since the College keeps partnerships with government institutions in the health sector in the federal, state, and municipal spheres, apart from meeting the specific demands of the general public in clinical analysis and pharmaceutical care.

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