Comissions | NDE

The Structuring Teaching Center (NDE) is essentially responsible for ensuring the implementation of the curriculum, through policies and strategies for their enforcement. In this sense, follows the development of the Educational Project, proposes changes to it and its disciplines to tailor the curriculum to the labor market, also contributing to the consolidation of professional egress profile. NDE indicates forms of articulation between the undergraduate education, extension, research and postgraduate, in line with the Faculty Assesment Center and implements the evaluation process of the cours/college, involving students, professors and technical and administrative staff. Also, it uses the evaluation process as a way to establish permanent forums of discussions with the external community, such as professional , scientific institutions and graduates.

The NDE is composed by:

– Prof. Helder Ferreira Teixeira ( – Coordinator

– Profª Ana Lúcia Peixoto de  Freitas (

– Profª Denise Bueno (

– Profª Letícia Koester (

– Profª Tatiane da Silva Dal Pizzol (

– Profª Tiana Tasca (

– Profª Grace Gosmann (