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With a beautiful and singular work, endowed with high doses of one non-sense figurative, the Canadian photographer Nathalie Daoust in them presents your more recent photographic essay, carried through in the highlands of the Switzerland, called of Frozen in time. Using techniques of Pinhole Photography, with paintings made by hand in photographic copies in black-and-white, Nathalie Daoust in the ones of a impression to have come back to the past and effected photographic registers during the accomplishment of a film, created and produced for it in the years of 60 or 70. Frozen in time moves our imaginary one. They are photographs with a fantastic luminosity, that show scenes that send in them for a magical world, surreal. This work makes in them to contemplate it as if they were portions of a film, with created scenes, produced and directed by the author, but who it places the life to the personages, who creates the movement for the scenes, and, finally, who makes all histories and trams is, definitively, the spectator. Mario Bitt-Monteiro (2008)



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