Who we are

The GETEPE-Grupo de Estudos em Educação, Teatro e Performance [GETEPE-Study Group in Education, Theater and Performance] is an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary laboratory that brings together researchers from various universities in Brazil and abroad, and engages undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students as well as post-doctoral fellows. The studies conducted in the group revolve around interdisciplinary fields including theatrical and choreographic studies of performance, educational sciences, anthropology, ethnoscenology, philosophy, history and others. The research themes address questions related to creative processes, artistic and social performances, theater and dance in school education, gender, ethnic-racial relations, poverty, presence, discourse, contemporary subjectivities, and ethics and pedagogies of theater and dance. Performance and presence have a predominant role in the studies both as objects of investigation and as methodologies through which these objects are studied. The methodological approaches employed have various inspirations including philosophic hermeneutics, field work, comparatist studies and artistic and pedagogical experimentations. The group is responsible for publication of the Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies and coordinates the International Presence Studies Network

The group is coordinated by researchers from the following programs: