Outreach activities establish interactions between the University and diverse sectors of the community, expanding, developing and providing important feedback for Teaching and Research activities. The IFCH Extension Committee is made up of representatives from the Departments of Anthropology, Political Science, Philosophy, History and Sociology and is responsible for providing support to the Unit Council in these activities. COMEX directly serves teachers who want effective involvement with this mode of knowledge elaboration, providing the institutional information that enables the practice of extensionist practices.


The Extension Committee (COMEX) is represented on the Council of Unity (CONSUNI / IFCH) through its elected coordination among its members. The actions of the COMEX of the various university units are governed by CAMEX , responsible for propose specific extension guidelines for the University, submitted to the CEPE plenary, in accordance with the general policy established by CONSUN.

Representatives are elected teachers in their departments to compose COMEX. The members of COMEX convey important information on the activities of COMEX and Deanships regarding the topic of extension to the Departments. They advise on the extension activities of extensionists in their Departments. They act as reviewers of extension actions. IFCH currently has a project, developed by COMEX IFCH, to operationalize the registration of small extension activities which , precisely because of the low workload and the complexity that involves its registration, usually do not appear in the University Extension System: "Umbrella Project". The project is a new tool, developed by COMEX IFCH, in order to operationalize the registration of small extension activities, which, due to the low workload and the complexity that involves its registration, usually do not appear in the Extension System. from the University.

In order not to let the large volume of small extension actions (lectures, interviews, articles in newspapers and magazines, in short, those extension activities composed of just a moment of accomplishment) go blank, The COMEX IFCH team has created a quick and easy form to record all extension activities.
The form, available below, refers only to small extension actions, leaving all other activities (projects and programs, activities that involve a larger workload and more than one moment of realization) and must be registered. directly by the extensionist on the Server Portal.
Forms, once completed, should be sent to comexifch@ufrgs.br "> comexifch@ufrgs.br having, in the" subject "field, the name of the department to which the director of the action is bound, followed by the month and year in which the action was taken. can print the form and leave it in the COMEX bin located at the General Secretariat of the IFCH administrative building.
  • IFCH Extension Action Guide (.doc file)
  • IFCH "Umbrella" Project Completion Guide (.doc file) < / a>
  • Action Registration Form on the IFCH "Umbrella" Project (.doc file )
  • Entry Form Template (.doc file)
  • Presence List Template (.doc file)
  • Extension Certificate Primer

For more information, please visit the Extension Dean (PROREXT) < / a>