It is up to the IFCH Research Committee:

  • Encourage and support research in all IFCH teachers, technical administrators and students;
  • Coordinate the development of the research policies of the Institute, articulating them in line with the purposes of the other political-administrative and scientific-academic instances of the Unit;
  • Supporting well-established research activities and fostering the emergence of new initiatives in emerging subareas and / or interdisciplinary research;
  • Disseminate IFCH's scientific production and intensify the cooperative relations of this research community with the external community, both within the University and in the universe of other social agents.

More specifically, it is the responsibility of COMPESQ:

  • the dissemination of research carried out within the Institute,
  • the evaluation of Research Projects,
  • the feed of the UFRGS e
  • the organization of Sessions and Judging Committees of the UFRGS Scientific Initiation Meeting.

This Commission is directly linked to the IFCH Council and, more generally, also with a Research Chamber of the University Teaching, Research and Extension Council ( CEPE / UFRGS ).

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Coordinator: Ênio Passiani
Substitute coordinator: Caroline Silveira Bauer
Enio Passiani (Coordinator - Department of Sociology) Caroline Silveira Bauer (Substitute Coordinator - History Department) André Nilo Klaudat (Department of Philosophy) Carlos Eduardo Valente Dullo (Department of Anthropology) Mara Lúcia Rodrigues de Freitas Moritz (Department of Political Science) Tiago Magalhães Ribeiro (Administrative Technician)