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The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is distinct in its embodiment as an intellectual community rather than an aggregate of individual scholarly efforts. Our mission to understand contemporary cultural change and its consequences is carried out in the rare context of a thriving community in which disciplines and generations intersect.

The Fellows Program at the Institute is dedicated to forming young scholars as they pursue the highest level of scholarship on the most important questions facing the late modern era.

These fellowship types are characterized by participation in the daily life of the Institute at our home of Watson Manor.

VISITING FELLOWSHIPS: Visiting Fellowships are offered on a competitive basis to established scholars looking for semester and year-long sabbaticals and whose work directly contributes to the intellectual priorities of the Institute’s research programs. These fellowships typically provide office space, a stipend covering some portion or all of a sabbatical leave based on the candidate’s base salary, and some research funds. Visiting Fellows are expected to be in residence and to participate in all Institute events.

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS: Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to recent PhDs whose research directly contributes to the research priorities of the Institute. These fellowships will, in most cases, be directly linked to specific Institute programs. The tenure of the IASC Postdoctoral Fellowship is one year with the possibility of renewal for up to three years. Renewals are based on performance and funding availability. To be eligible for a Postdoctoral Fellowship, applicants must have successfully defended their dissertations a maximum of five years prior to the start of the academic year to which the fellowship applies.

DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS: The Doctoral Fellowship supports students through the research and writing stages of their dissertations. Fellowships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated academic promise and how closely their scholarly interests fit with the Institute’s research priorities. Doctoral fellows must attend all Institute events.

RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS: Research fellowships enable scholars to contribute to the various programs and projects housed at the Institute. These fellowships consist of both paid and unpaid positions and allow scholars from around the country and throughout the world to further the Institute’s mission of understanding cultural change and its consequences.

GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS: Graduate Fellowships do not carry any funding or stipends, but graduate fellows are invited to attend all Institute events and participate in the Institute’s intellectual community. Fellows will be awarded on the basis of how well their current scholarship both reflects and advances the intellectual mission of the Institute. Candidates are highly encouraged to read the Institute’s Vision Statement.

APPLY TO THE FELLOWS PROGRAM: Applications for 2018–2019 will be available in December 2017.

The Institute provides a wide range of fellowships for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Our intellectual community’s interdisciplinary efforts both depend and thrive on a plurality of voices across subject and generation. Please contact for more information.


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