VIRIDIPLANTAE TOXINS (non-peptide toxins are a.k.a. alkaloids; see also :
  • Streptophyta
  • Ryania speciosa

  • => ryanodine (Ryanodine®, Ryanicide®)
  • veratrine is an alkaloids mixture containing :
  • formula of quercetin
    Jigrine, a polypharmaceutical herbal hepatoprotective formulation containing aqueous extracts of 14 medicinal plants, is used in Indian system of medicine (Unani).

    Good news for lovers of extra-virgin olive oil: besides being delicious on salads, it also contains a compound that mimics the effects of ibuprofen. So a Mediterranean-style diet might give you the supposed long-term benefits of that drug, such as a reduced cancer risk. A daily dose of 50 g or 4 tablespoons of olive oil confers the equivalent of around 10% of the recommended ibuprofen dose for adult pain relief, say researchers led by Paul Breslin of the Monell Chemical Senses Center at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, who discovered the effect. So although it won't cure a headache, it may give you some of the long-term benefits of repeated ibuprofen use, including helping to ward off Alzheimer's disease. The compound, called oleocanthal, acts in the same way as ibuprofen to stifle components of the prostaglandin system. This is in spite of the 2 chemicals' very different structuresref. The compound should be present in any extra-virgin oil, but concentrations will vary depending on a range of factors, such as the variety of olive, and the age of the olives at pressing. So how do you know which olive oil will give you the biggest dose? Simple, just go for the authentic Mediterranean taste. Most supermarket-style extra-virgin olive oils will be relatively low in this compound, but there are inexpensive olive oils available that have high levels. There's a simple rule of thumb to help you out: oleocanthal is also responsible for the throat-stinging sensation of a good extra-virgin oil. The way to check is to sip the oil neat and see how strongly it stings the throat. The greater the sting the greater the oleocanthal level. Does the discovery help to explain the folklore that a Mediterranean diet is good for a healthy, long life? Probably. The long-term benefits of ibuprofen have only been demonstrated for doses that are much larger than the amount of oleocanthal provided by 4 tablespoons of oil a day. But smaller daily doses might have the same effect. The long-term side-effects of ibuprofen can also include damage to the kidneys and digestive system. But as oleocanthal has a different chemical structure, it is unclear whether these effects would also occur with a diet rich in olive oil. Of course, other dietary factors, such as overall calorie intake, are important too. After all, there's no point dousing your healthy salad in healthy olive oil if you chase it down with a bottle of wine and a cheesecake. Weight gain is a factor that needs to be held in check, but the traditional Mediterranean diet, such as on Crete, involves lots of fresh vegetables and is not a high-calorie diet overall

    Palm wine is also known as toddy, or palm toddy. It is made from the sap of certain palm trees, which is fermented into an alcoholic beverage. It is most common in South India and places in Africa. The amount of alcohol depends upon the location and the specific species of palm trees. Generally yeast is added to the fermenting mixture, so it would also be possible to add a contaminant that would be camouflaged by the acidic flavor of the finished product.

    flavonoid fisetin activates ERK and induces cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) phosphorylation in rat hippocampal slices, facilitates long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slices, and enhances object recognition in mice. Together, these data demonstrate that the natural product fisetin can facilitate long-term memory, and therefore it may be useful for treating patients with memory disordersref

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