EMERGENCY MEDICINE : that specialty which deals with acutely ill or injured patients who require immediate medical treatment
(see also natural catastrophes and non-governmental organizations (NGO))
  • emergence : the process of coming out of a former state, as the restoration to a normal physiological state of an anesthetized patient.
  • emergency : an unlooked for or sudden occasion; an accident; an urgent or pressing need
  • aid : help or assistance; by extension, applied to any device by which a function can be improved or augmented, as a hearing aid.
  • basic life support (BLS) algorythm : the ABC rule
  • The rate of survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is low. Training and equipping volunteers to attempt early defibrillation with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) within a structured response system before paramedics arrive can increase the number of survivors to hospital discharge after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in public locations from 14% to 23%. Trained laypersons can use AEDs safely and effectivelyref. Because paramedics often arrive relatively late, the research found the people they save are more likely to suffer brain damage: 78% of those saved by bystanders without paramedics survived with excellent brain function vs. 68% of those treated by paramedicsref.  The addition of advanced-life-support interventions did not improve the rate of survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in a previously optimized emergency-medical-services system of rapid defibrillation. In order to save lives, health care planners should make cardiopulmonary resuscitation by citizens and rapid-defibrillation responses a priority for the resources of emergency-medical-services (EMS) systemsref. Emergency medicine : Emergency surgery : Anesthesiology and resuscitation : Web resources :
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