acanth- spine, prickle
aceto- vinegar
acou- hear
acro- extremity, tip, sharp
actin- ray, beam
acu- sharp, abrupt, sudden
adeno- gland
adipo- fat
aero- air
(a)esth- perception
agon- contest, struggle
alb- white
algo- pain
allelo- one another, mutual
amauros- blind
am(o)eb- constantly changing
ambi-/amph- both sides
ambly- dim, faint
amnio- amnion, "bowl"
amylo- starch
andro- male
angio- vessel (blood, bile)
ankyl- bent, crooked; a joint locked in one position
anser- goose
anthem- flower
anthrac- black
anthropo- man / human
aphro- froth, sexual love
aqu- water
arachn- spider, spiderweb
archo- ancient, beginning
argy- silver, shiny
arthro- joint
asthm panting, short breaths
athero- gruel
axill- armpit
axo- center, axis
aud- hear
aur- hear
aus- hear
auto- self
aux- make grow
azo- nitrogen
bac(t)- rod
ball- throw
balano- acorn, glans
blast- sprout
blenno- snot
bleph- eyelid
bol- throw
brachi- arm
brady- slow
bucc- cheek (inside)
c(o)ele- rupture
calci- limestone
calco- heel, spur
calyc- cup
campy- bend
canc- crab
capo- head, expanded part
carc- crab
card- heart, heart-shape
carpo- wrist
caus- burn
centr- center
cephal- head
cept- seize, take
cereb(r)- brain
cervic- neck
ch(e)ir- hand
chlor- light green
chol(e)- bile
chondr- cartilage; grain
chorea- dance
chrom- color
chron- time, long time
cili- eyelash
cion- uvula
clast- break
claustr- barrier
cleido- collarbone, key
clino- bed
collic- hill
collo- glue
conios- dust
cond- hard knob
core- dolly, pupil (of eye)
cori- leather
corn- horn
cox(a)- hip
corp- physical body
cre(s)c- grow
cribi- sieve
cubit- elbow
cubo- lay down
cule- little
culpo- vagina
cuneo- wedge
cyan- dark blue
cycl- circle, wheel
cysto- urinary bladder
cyto- cell
dacr- tear (from the eye)
dacty- finger
demo- people
dent- tooth
derm- skin
desm- harden, bind together
desmo- hard
dextro- right-sided
diadocho- succeed, take over
didym- twin
digi(t)- finger, toe
diphth- leathery membrane
docho- cup, container
drepan- sickle
dromo- running a race; course
duc-, duct- lead, guide
echin- spiny
embol- bottle stopper
enceph- brain
entero- intestine
ergo- work
erythro- red
f(a)eco- feces, refuse
fac- make, build, do, perform
faci- face, countenance, looks
fasc- bundle, fascia
fec- make, build, do, perform
fer- carrying, bearing
fibro- fibrous
fic- make, build, do, perform
fis-, fid- split, cleave, divide
flav- yellow
flat- blow
flect- bend
flex- bend
fora/foro hole
fract- break into pieces
frag- break into pieces
fring- break into pieces
fuge- flee
fun- melt, pour
fus- melt, pour
gam(y)- marry
gangl- knot
galact- milk
gastr- stomach, belly
gemin- twin
gen- become, beget, produce
genu- knee
ger- old age
gest- bring forth, produce
gleno- shoulder
gli(o)- glue
glob- sphere, ball, round body
glomer- tuft
gloss- tongue
glute- buttocks
gnatho- jaw
gno- know
gono- offspring, product, seed, semen
gonio- angle
gram- record
gran- grain
graph- writing, scratching
gryph- claw
gynec- female
(h)(a)em- blood
helic- spiral
helm- worm
hermaphro- male and female in one body
hepat- liver
hidr- sweat
hippo- horse
histo- tissue, web, cloth
hy(a)l- glass, primitive material
hydatid- water drop
hydro- water
hypno- sleep
hystero- uterus
iatro- physician
ichth- fish
idio- self, personal, private
inguin- part of body from groin to hip
insul- island
irid- rainbow, bright-color circle
ischi- hip joint
ject- throw, hurl
jejun- hungry
junc- join together
jug- join together
jux- join together
kera- horny
kerato- skin surface, cornea, horn
kine- set in motion
kyn- dog
lachry- tear (from the eye)
labio- lip
lacto- milk
lal- babble, talk
lecith- egg yolk
leiomyo- smooth muscle
lein- spleen
lepros- rough and rotting off
lepto- thin, fine, slender
leuco- / leuko- white
levo- left-sided
liga(t)- bind together, bandage
ling- tongue
lith- stone
lumbo- lower back, loin
lumbri- earthworm
lymph- "clear fresh water"
malar cheek (outside)
mal(i) abnormal, bad
malako- soft
medi- middle portion
medulla- soft inner part
meli- sweet
melleo- hammer
mere- part
manu- hand
mara- wither
mast(i)- whip, flog, beat
mast(o)- breast
mea- passage
meatus- external opening
meios- lessening
melano- black
mening- meninges
men(i)s- moon, month
ment- mind, chin
meter- measure
metro- uterus
mito- thread
mnem- memory
mnes- memory
mob- move
morb- sick
morph- shapes, dreams
mot- move
mur(al)- wall
musc- mouse, muscle
myc(o)- fungus
myelo- soft, pith
myi- fly (insect)
myo- muscle
myxo-/muco- slime
narco- sleep
naso- nose
necro- dead
nephelo- cloud
nephr- kidney
nerv- nerve
neuro- nerve
nos-, nox- nasty, sickening
nyct- night
ocul- eye
(h)odo- way, path, road
odon- tooth
odyn- pain
olfact- smell
omen(t)- omentum
omphalo- belly button
on(e/t)- to be
onco- tumor, mass 
onycho- nail (finger/toe)
oo egg
oophor- carrying egg
op- eye, see, etc.
ophth- eye
opio- poppy juice
opsi- late
opson- relish, meat seasoning
orbi- wheel
orch- testis
org- work
oro- mouth
ortho- straight
osm- smell
ost(eo)- bone
ot(o)- ear
ovin- sheep
p(a)ed- child
palpebr- eyelid
pap- nipple
par(i)t- have a baby
partheno- virgin
patho- disease, misery
pect- chest
ped- foot
phag- eat
phakos- lentil, lens of the eye
pharmako- sorcery, poison, drug
pheo- ugly, dusky
phero- carry, bear
phlebo- vein
phleg- flame
phoco- seal (the animal)
phoro- carry, bear
phos/phot- light
phragm- divide into two, wall off
phren- mind, breath
phth- waste away, wither
phyllo- leaf-like
physio- nature
phyt- a plant
pineo- pine cone
pino- drink
pisi- pea
pituit- snot
plak- cake
plasm- molded
plast- molded
platy- flat
plex- braid, wind together
plic- braid, wind together
pn(e)- breath
pod(o)- foot
poie(sis) making
polio- gray; gray matter of the nervous system
pollic- thumb
pomp- precede, parade
porph- purple
porta- door
posthe- foreskin
prac- done
prag- done
prax- done
pre/pro- before
procto- rectum
pron(o)- prone, face down
proto- first
pseud- false
psyche- spirit, mind
psychr- cold, frigid
pter- wing
pto- droop
pty(alo)- spit
pulmo- lung
punct- prick, little spot
purp- purple
pyelo- vat, basin, pelvis
pykno- shrivelled
pyo- pus
p(u/y)ri- pear
pyr(o)- fever (cognate to "fire")
radi- rod
r(h)ach- backbone
ret(ic) net
rhabdo- striated muscle
rhaph- sew together
rheo- flow
rheum- runny stuff
rhino- nose
rhizo- root
rub(r)- red
sacc- sack
sacch(ar)- sugar
sang(ui) blood
sapro- dead
sarc(o)- flesh
scato- feces, filth
scapho- boat
schi(s/z)- split
sclero- hard
scope examine carefully
sebo- hard fat, skin grease, suet
sec/seg- cut
seps/sept make rotten
sept- fence, partition
sero- whey, wet protein
sial - saliva
skel dried up, skeleton
soma/somy body
spasm a drawing tight
spondylo- spine
sphinct- bind tight, squeeze shut
sphygno- heartbeat
spir- breathing
splanchn- innards
staphyl- bunch of grapes
stasis standing up, being stable
stat- stop
statio- standing up, being stable
staxis- drip, drop
stem- standing up, being stable
steato- fat
sterco- feces
sthen- strength
stigm- spot
strepto- wavy
stylo- stylus
sudo- sweat
sulco- plowed furrow
syring- pipe, tube, reed
tachy- fast, swift
talo- ankle
tasis- stretch
taxo- arrangement, put in order
telo- the tip, the end
ten(d)o- stretch, tendon
terato- monster
thel- breast, covering layer
thym- mind, spirit, mood
thyro- oblong shield
toco- have a baby
tom- cut
tono- stretch
topo- place
tort- twist
tox(o)- bow, arrow, poisoned arrow
trema- hole
tricho- hair
trophy grow/food
tryps- break into many pieces, crush
tuber- bump, potato(e)
typho- smoky, delirious fever
typhl- cecum
ungu- nail (finger, toe)
uro- urine
uvo- grape
vacc- cow
vago- wanderer
vaso- blood vessel
velo- veil, curtain, cover
vener- sexual acts, lusty
veno- vein (as opposed to artery)
vert- turn
vesico- bladder
viscero- innards
volv- turn around, twist around
xantho- yellow
xeno- stranger
xero- dry
zoo- animals
zema- boiled
zygo- yoke
zym- ferment

a(d)- towards
a(n)- without
ab- from
ab(s)- away from
ad- towards
allo- other, another
ambi- both
amphi- on both sides, around
ana- up to, back, again, movement from
aniso- different, unequal
ante- before, forwards
anti- against, opposite
ap-, apo- from, back, again
bi(s)- twice, double
bio- life
brachy- short
cata- down
circum- around
con- together
contra- against
cyte- cell
de- from, away from, down from
deca- ten
di(s)- two
dia- through, complete
di(a)s separation
diplo- double
dolicho- long
dur- hard, firm
dys- bad, abnormal
e-, ec- out, from out of
ecto- outside, external
ek- out
em- in
en- into 
endo- into
ent- within
epi- on, up, against, high
eso- I will carry
eu- well, abundant, prosperous
eury- broad, wide
ex-, exo- out, from out of
extra- outside, beyond, in addition
haplo- single
hapto- bind to
hemi- half
hept- seven
hetero- different
hex- six
homo- same
hyper- above, excessive
hypo- below, deficient
im-, in- not
in- into, to
infra- below, underneath
inter- among, between
intra- within, inside, during
intro- inward, during
iso- equal,same
juxta- adjacent to
kata- down, down from
macro- large
magno- large
medi- middle
mega- large
megalo- very large
meso- middle
meta- beyond, between
micro- small
neo- new
non- not
ob- before, against
octa- eight
octo- eight
oligo- few
pachy- thick
pan- all
para- beside, to the side of, wrong
pent- five
per- by, through, throughout
peri- around, round-about
pleo- more than usual
poly many
post- behind, after
pre- before, in front, very
pros- besides
prox- besides
pseudo- false, fake
quar(r)- four
re, red- back, again
retro- backwards, behind
semi- half
sex- six
sept- seven
sub- under, beneath
super- above, in addition, over
supra- above, on the upper side
syn- together, with
sys- together, with
tetra- four
thio- sulfur
trans- across, beyond
tri- three
uni- one
ultra- beyond, besides, over


-ase fermenter
-centesis puncture
-cide killer
-c(o)ele cavity, hollow
-crine secretion ("separation")
-desis binding
-dynia pain
-em(ia) blood
-enchyme filling, installation
-form shaped like
-genesis origin
-gogue leader
-iasis full of
-iatric healing
-ile little version
-illa little version
-illus little version
-in stuff
-ism theory, characteristic of
-itis inflammation
-ity makes a noun of quality
-ium thing
-ize do
-lysis / -lytic breaking down
-logy study of, reasoning about
-malacia soft
-megaly large
-melia limbs
-noid mind, spirit
-oid resembling, image of
-ogen precursor
-ol(e) alcohol
-ole little version
-oma tumor/lump
-osis full of
-pathy disease of, suffering
-penia lack
-pexy fix in place
-plasty re-shaping
-plexy stroke
-plegia stroke, paralysis
-philia / -philo affection for
-rhage burst out
-rhea discharge, flowing out
-rhexis shredding
-pagus Siamese twins
-sis idea (makes a noun, typically abstract)
-stomy "mouth-cut"
-thrix hair
-tomy cut
-ule little version
-um thing (makes a noun, typically concrete)

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