Supramolecular chemistry investigates assemblies of molecules that bond through non-covalent interactions. This is a truly interdisciplinary research field at the interface of chemistry, biology, and physics. The study of systems beyond their individual molecules provides insights into biological processes and inspires the development of advanced materials and innovative nanotechnological devices.

The Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry for Biomedical Applications is a research group at the Institute of Chemistry of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul that is devoted to link supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology to get self-assembled smart nanodevices for targeted therapy and diagnosis. Synthesis of new stimuli-responsive organic compounds, host-guest chemistry, and the obtaining of inorganic artificial enzymes are some strategies used to achieve this goal. We are particularly interested in a global investigation of the nanodevice properties ranging from synchrotron-based techniques to in vitro and in vivo biological assays.




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Postal address: Av. Bento Gonçalves 9500, Porto Alegre, Brazil – CEP 91501-970

office and lab: 2th floor, building 43131