MGB is a large scale hydrological model developed by the Large Scale Hydrology research group of IPH-UFRGS which has been applied to many South American basins in the last years.

MGB is a rainfall-runoff model, using precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, insolation and atmospheric pressure to calculate flow discharge at a given basin.

Within the model, a basin is discretized into catchments, where water balance between input rainfall and evapotranspiration, soil infiltration and other hydrological processes is computed at each Hydrological Response Unit (HRU) to generate runoff, which in turn is routed downstream in the river network  (Figure 1).


The model current version is coupled to the MapWindow open source GIS software and it has several tools to handle hydrological time series data files in typical formats used by the Brazilian National Water Agency. To facilitate the model usage, IPH team has been developing many pre and post-processing tools, from river network extraction from Digital Elevation Models to the generation of rainfall and evapotranspiration maps and calibration procedure windows.

Below you can find manuals and support material to run MGB model. Although its first application were carried out in Brazil, so that most of manuals are written in Portuguese (click here to see MGB page in portuguse), IPH team has been working on writing and providing documents in English.

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