MGB 4.1

In version 4.0, the MGB Model has been integrated to Quantum GIS software for its versions 2.14 and 2.18.

Version 4.1 of MGB updates the “ANA Data Aqcuisition” tool, which automatically downloads data from the Brazilian Water Agency (“Agência Nacional de Águas”). Also, it updates the format for daily climate input data, it brings to the graphical user interface the option to change the “alpha” parameter (related to Courant’s condition in the inercial module), it updates the evapotranspiration routine, and it fixes some internal bugs.

It is likely that the parameters values from previous versions of the model might change for simulation with MGB 4.1.

Current versions of user’s guides and plugins are available as follows

Plugin MGB 4.1                    Plugin IPH Hydro Tools

Floodplains in Niger River, in Africa, simulated with the inertial module. Source: Fleischmann et al. (2018)

Observed discharge (black line), discharge calculated by Muskingum-Cunge (green line) and discharge calculated by inertial module (orange line)at Conceição do Araguaia gauging station, in Araguaia River. Source: Pontes et al. (2015).

Floodplains in Araguaia River simulated with inertial module. Source: Pontes et al. (2015)



MGB model requires Quantum GIS in 64 bits version.

Download -Quantum GIS

MGB model is a plugin which is added to Quantum GIS after the software has been installed in the computer. To install the MGB plugin in Quantum GIS, download the plugin in the provided link, then unpack the plugin file, so you should have a folder named “MGB”, and a sub-folder with all files related to MGB.

Afterwards, go to “\plugins” directory inside the folder in which Quantum GIS has been intalled. Usually, it is installed in the path: “C:\Users\.qgis\python”. Then, go to “plugins” folder. In case this folder doesn’t exist, you should create it.

Finally, paste the unpacked “MGB” folder inside the “plugins” folder. Same procedure for “IPH-hydrotools” folder.

User’s Guide MGB 4.0 (in portuguese)

Manual de exemplo aplicação do MGB 4.0

An english version for user’s guide MGB 4.0 is under construction. Temporarily, we provide the english version for the previous version 3.0 of MGB (MapWindow), as follows:

MGB-IPH 2017 application manual


Source MGB