SiGBaH-IPH (Watershed Management)

This page presents a set of tools developed in the scope of water resources management, which is associated with the outputs of the MGB-IPH hydrological model and also the IPH-Hydro Tools tool.

The system, or the set of them, is called the Watershed Management System, forming the abbreviation SiGBaH-IPH, which still has the acronym “SiG”, as it functions as a free software plugin for SIG (Geographic Information Systems ) MapWindow.

The resources presented here basically allow the realization of water balances from the insertion of basin water users.


It performs the water balance in a permanent flow regime, that is, from the definition of a characteristic situation of the basin, usually a drought situation. The system performs the accounting of the accumulated values ​​of water demand and these two values ​​are confronted, obtaining a picture of the basin, seeking to represent the condition of greater criticality. This analysis is interesting in the evaluation of new grant applications, and also in the realization of water balances more generally in a basin.


This is a version developed in the framework of the research project Pilot Demonstration – Quaraí Basin. The objective of the project was the development of a tool for planning and management of water resources in the Quaraí river basin, observing all its singularities and necessary advances in relation to the existing version. The main difference in relation to the “Grant” version is the non-permanent flow rate analysis, which allows the inclusion of so-called reservoirs, small reservoirs whose function is to store water throughout the year in order to be used for irrigation. Rice culture. This element is extremely common in the Quaraí river basin and also in others located in the region.

SiGBaH-Qual: Under construction.