Vinicius Alencar Siqueira

Vinicius Siqueira is an Environmental Engineer (2013) graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS),  MSc. (2015) in Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation at the Institute of Hydraulic Research (IPH) and currently a PhD Student at the same institute mentioned. He has interests in development of GIS applications for water resources, use of remote sensing products in hydrologic-hydrodynamic modeling and hydrological ensemble forecasting.

Vinicius leads the development of a multi-basin, continental-scale MGB model for South America region, supported by remote sensing products. In the context of SAMEWater initiative (South AMErican Water resources), the continental-scale model will be used for several scientific topics such as understanding of hydrological processes, water uses and stress, reservoir operation, estimates of sediment flux and retention, climate change and hydrological forecasting. Vinícius is also in charge of the latter research topic (hydrological forecasting), which involves coupling of hydrological and atmospheric models.


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