7 de January de 2019

About Us

The Brazilian Centre for Strategy & International Relations (NERINT) was the first Centre in Southern Brazil to focus its study and research exclusively on the field of International Relations. It was established in 1999 at the Latin American Advanced Studies Institute (ILEA) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and is currently part of the university’s Centre of International Studies on Government (CEGOV). Its objective has always been the critical and innovative study of the international system’s transformations after the end of the Cold War, from the perspective of the developing world. In parallel, NERINT has also sought to contribute to the debate on a national project for Brazil through the understanding of the available strategic options for the autonomous international insertion of the country.
The exploratory studies developed by NERINT on the new emerging countries since the threshold of the 21st Century experienced remarkable expansion. Cooperation with the state, military, business, academic and social institutions was intensified, as well as the direct contact with centres in Latin America, Africa and Asia, in addition to the existing ones in Europe and North America. An outcome of the Centre’s activity was the creation of an undergraduate course in International Relations (2004) and a Doctoral Program in International Strategic Studies (PPGEEI, 2010). Two journals were also created: the bilingual and biannual Austral: Brazilian Journal of Strategy & International Relations and the bimonthly journal Conjuntura Austral. In addition, since 2016, NERINT offers a bilingual Research Bulletin, published quarterly by graduate and undergraduate students and researchers of the Centre. NERINT is also partnered with UFRGS’s Doctoral Program in Political Science (PPGPOL), established in 1973. In addition to Brazil’s Grand Strategy for the 21st Century, NERINT has lines of research that address the International Relations of the Asian Continent and the World System. NERINT has also published two collections of books: the International Relations & Integration Collection and the International Studies Collection. It currently edits the Strategy, Defence and International Relations Series. In 2016, NERINT was invited to join the BRICS Network of Educational Centres and Scientific Think Tanks. The purpose of the Network is to serve as a means of communication between the leaders of the scientific and educational communities of the five countries that make up the bloc, promoting academic and scientific collaboration and helping to consolidate the insertion of the BRICS countries in the international system.
NERINT also served as an ambassador to and supports several extension projects within UFRGS’ International Relations Course, such as UFRGSMUN, UFRGSMUNDI, BIS and RIPE. Thus, besides the advanced research, extension and intense editorial activities, NERINT is also the birthplace of innovative undergraduate and graduate programs.


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
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Brazilian Centre for Strategy & International Relations (NERINT)
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