Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the Art Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) originated in 1991, intended to fill a gap in the country’s Southern region regarding the production of academic knowledge in Visual Arts. With the support of the long trajectory of undergraduate courses in Visual Arts at UFRGS, Porto Alegre, and in other public and private institutions in the State – and also of the existence of a circuit composed of public and private museological institutions, art collections, exhibition spaces, documentary files and galleries –, the initial proposal of the program sought to respond effectively to the demand for systematic investments in research and training of agents that are able to develop the professionalization of the field and boost production and reflection in the area.

In this scenario and in the general framework of graduation programs at Brazilian Universities, PPGAV/UFRGS’s master’s course was created in order to the strengthen the critical mass both in the area of Art History, Theory and Criticism,and in the field of research performed by artists, originated by their creation processes, which emphasize the necessary articulation between theory and practice. In 1998, as the result of the maturation of this first step and backed by a reasonable number of masters already inside the artistic field and in magisterial teachings of the third degree, the doctoral program was implemented. The area of concentration in Art History, Theory and Criticism is dedicated to studies in these spheres of knowledge,enabling the training of research professors, art historians, theorists, critics, curators and cultural producers. The area of concentration in Visual Poetics gathers researches developed by artists in various languages and in many techniques of the contemporary times: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, installation, photography, video, performance etc., always articulating the artistic process to thought and writing.

The exchanges with researchers from different research centers and the internationalization guide the actions of the program,especially with the completion of student internships at other learning institutes and seminars with Brazilian and foreign visitor professors.

PPGAV/UFRGS performs an annual selection process for the admission of masters and a biennial for doctoral candidates.

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