Authorized by the Federal Education Board in 1973, the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences – UFRGS (PPGCF) was Brazil’s first graduate course in medical drugs. In the 2010-2012 triennial evaluation carried out by CAPES, we reached the highest grade (grade 7), because of the efforts made by the faculty, students, and staff in the consolidation of international-grade excellence standards. It means that the PPGCF is both a local and a global reference in pharmaceutical research and advanced studies.

Our objective is to improve and update the scientific and professional training of Pharmacy undergraduates and students of similar fields of investigation, apart from leading them into obtaining a degree, based on dedicated study and research, which will enable them to carry out the activities associated with teaching, research, and technological development in pharmacy.

Currently the faculty has 37 professors that direct the development of PhD theses and or MSc dissertations covering several research projects that branch out into three main research lines: Therapy Targets and Biomarkers; Discovery, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Important Molecules; Development, Evaluation of Quality, and Use of Raw Materials and of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products.

Besides the subjects that marked the PPGCF history, such as Quality Control, Pharmaceutical Technology, Natural Products and Drug Synthesis, the Program also supports innovative and/or priority fields in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Public Health, such as the development of research methodologies in pharmaceutical assistance and distance learning in health subjects; nanotechnology; nanotoxicology; PK/PD modeling on a physiological and on a populational basis; medicinal chemistry; and molecular identification of new therapeutic targets.

Our aim is to reach the frontier of knowledge and to promote the placing of our former students in the production sector as well as in research and development of new medical drugs and advanced pharmaceutical forms in governmental organs that define health politics, besides new teaching and research institutions. We understand that the generation of new knowledge and the training of qualified human resources in research reach beyond physical and intellectual frontiers. In this sense, we have established several partnerships and agreements with multiple national as well as international research institutions, and keep our doors open to new possibilities. Our aim is to launch a reference and nucleation hub of international coverage, with special emphasis on Latin American countries.

The admission of new students occurs via a public selection process (one process a year for MSc, normally in December, and two for PhD, generally in August and December), which is officially publicized by means of an edict published in the PPGCF website (http://www.ufrgs.br/ppgcf/). The official PPGCF email address is also available to provide information (ppgcf@ufrgs.br).


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