Research Areas

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program has three main lines of research:

1 – Investigation of therapeutic targets and biomarkers;

Projects are related to the biological investigation of therapeutic targets and biomarkers in order to provide inputs for the development of drugs with innovative mechanisms of action and improve the diagnosis of human diseases.


2 – Prospection, syntheses and biological evaluation of molecules of pharmaceutical interest;

This assembles projects related to chemical and biological research of molecules with potential therapeutic action aimed at treating human and animal diseases, acquired both via nature prospection and via syntheses.


3 – Development, quality evaluation and use of pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials and products.

Projects aim to investigate all stages of development and evaluation of pharmaceutical raw materials, medicines and cosmetic products, ranging from the research of new materials and technologies for production of medicines to the experimental design and development of these products on a pilot scale of production. It also covers the development of tools for assessing their quality and performance, both biologically and in vitro, at all stages. Aiming the patient safety, projects also seek to investigate the patterns of drug use by the population and the problems associated with drug irrational use.