Graduate Program in Veterinary Sciences

About us: The Graduate Program in Veterinary Sciences of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (PPGCV/UFRGS) began its activities in 1969 as a Master program in Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases. Since then, the Program expanded its realm of activities, allowing an increase in research lines.

Currently, the Program is multidisciplinary and aims at expanding and deepening the knowledge in Veterinary Sciences, preparing graduate students for activities such as teaching, research, and technological development. To reach these goals, the Program relies upon two major areas:

  1. Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Pathology:
    1.1. Animal Health;
    1.2. Veterinary Pathobiology.
  2. Morphology, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Animal Reproduction:
    2.1. Animal Anatomy, Surgery, Farmacology and Toxicology;
    2.2. Animal Reproduction, Reproductive Technologies and Pathophisiology of Reproduction.

Faculty members have research lines and expertises oriented within the two areas. Faculty members teach courses in the Program and serve as supervisors to Masters and Ph.D. students. The Program’s Graduate students are not only from Brazil, but also from other countries, participating actively in research activities and interacting with the community under the supervision of their advisors.

Enrollment into the Program occurs annually. Candidates interested in enrolling must pass through a selection process, which is held in March. Guidelines and date for submission of applications is published in September of the previous year, posted in the webpage of the Program ( Students from countries with cultural and/or educational cooperation agreements with Brazil can enroll followings guidelines published and managed by the Brazilian funding agencies. Interested students seeking the masters or the Ph.D. degree are recommended to contact potential supervisors in their areas of interest prior to the application.