Research Fields

Animal Anatomy, Surgery, Farmacology

Research lines and projects are focused on: morphological studies in animals; development of animal models in surgery; inovative diagnostic and minimally invasive surgery procedures; development and evaluation of threapies based on pharmacological drugs and cell therapy.

Animal Reproduction, Reproductive Technologies and Theriogenology

Research focused on aspects in Theriogenology (gynecology, andrology, embryology, obstetrics), and reproductive physiology and biotechnology of reproduction in livestock species, including the use of reproductive technologies, cellular, molecular and developmental biology studies, and genetic engineering in animal models.

Veterinary Pathobiology

Projects are related to important veterinary pathology diagnostics, focusing on the anatomical and phatological aspects, biochemical, hematological and metabolic parameters.

Animal Health

Studies focused on prophilaxis, disease control and epidemiological, molecular, pathological and clinical aspects in animals; also includes studies on the animal origin and food-related diseases and on sanitary aspects for the effective control of the food chain.