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The Postgraduate Program in Economics (PPGE) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul began its activities in 1971. The first class began in 1972. In 1991, the University’s Special Chamber for Postgraduate Research approved the doctorate course which began its activities in March of 1992. In December 1993, CAPES-GTC recognized the PhD course in Economics was by. Hundreds of master’s and doctoral theses have been defended over this period. UFRGS graduated students have been accepted both the public and private sectors, as professors of several public and private universities, in the federal and state public’s sectors and in private companies. In 1999, the Master’s Degree in Applied Economics began recognized by CAPES. Unlike the traditional academic master’s degree, this modality of masters has as target professionals in the non-academic market. The program is ranked as one of the top 10 in Brazil and as the best in the South Region, with concept 5 in CAPES.