Welcome to the Graduate Program in Ecology,  Biosciences Institute, UFRGS!

The Graduate Program in Ecology was created in 1978.

It is presently a grade 6 program (maximum is grade 7), according  to the latest national assessment by CAPES (2010-2012).


The Graduate Program in Ecology aims to prepare highly qualified professionals in the research, outreach and  teaching of Ecology, and that will be able to work at the academia, private sector and governmental/non-governmental organizations. We intend to prepare professionals that will be able to:

  • Produce scientific progress in Ecology
  • Engage scientific knowledge to create innovative scientific research
  • Assess environmental problems and elaborate innovative research and management solutions
  • Publish research outcomes in professional scientific journals
  • Interpret, evaluate and propose research themes in Ecology
  • Work with governmental and private organizations to provide reports, solutions and advise on environmental problems.