BIMALAB –  Bird and Mammal Evolution, Systematics and Ecology Lab

ECOQUAQuantitative Ecology Lab

ETNOECOLOGIA – Human Ecology and Fish Ecology Lab

GEOQUÍMICA AMBIENTAL – Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry

INTECO – Ecological Interactions Lab

LABGEO – Geoprocessing Lab

LABORATORY OF ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS – Laboratory of Environmental Mutagenesis

LECOPAI – Landscape ecology lab

LEFFPhylogenetic and Functional Ecology Lab

LEMA – Ecomorphology and Macroevolution Lab

LEVCamp – Grassland Vegetation Lab

LEVEG – Plant Ecology Lab

LEPeC – Population and Community ecology lab

LIMNO  – Limnology and microbiology lab

NEEA– Núcleo de Estudos em Educação Ambiental

NERF –  Road and Railroad  Ecology Group